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Heat Stroke vs Food Poisoning

I was just asked how to differentiate between heat stroke and food poisoning. With food poisoning, the body wants to get rid of the toxins as quickly as possible. You will have diarrhea along with vomiting. It comes on very quickly. Sometimes it is as if one moment you are fine and the next, you are running to the bathroom. With food poisoning, you may end up camping in the bathroom for the night.
Heat stroke comes on more slowly, in a gentler way. You feel hot, nauseated, without always vomiting. You may have a headache.  The symptoms of heat stroke lessen when the person gets out of the sun, sips a cool drink, puts ice or a cold cloth over part of them, and lies down for a while.  Sometimes with food poisoning, you can remember some dodgy food which you consumed.  Heat stroke comes on after being in the sun or in the scorching heat.

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