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How to patent your invention

                        Tips for getting your great idea a patent.
  Get a blank notebook and draw out your idea.  Write a description for your diagram.
If it is something that you can make yourself, for a prototype, then do so.  If you need to get outside help, then have the artist, welder, or whoever sign a confidentiality agreement.  The most important tip is to get a patent attorney, who regularly does patents.  It is okay if this attorney is in another city, because you may not have a patent attorney in your home town. 
  Don’t make my major mistake.  I asked an attorney, who I used to do business with to recommend someone.  He endorsed his new, just passed the bar partner, and said that she would do a great job.  An inexperience lawyer, who did not specialize in patents should have raised a red flag.  My patent application was so botched that it was returned and I had to have a patent attorney in another city to tend to it.
  You can go online and see if there are any other products, like the one you want to patent.   when you get a great idea, write it down right away.  I’m still trying to remember my fantastic, can’t live without it one, from several months ago. Think of this as an adventure.

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