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Prevent/Treat Sunburn Peeling

If you or your child gets a sunburn, here is a tip to prevent peeling or stop it in it’s tracks.  Mix equal parts of  Apple Cider Vinegar  (the darker type)  and water in a small container. Apply this mixture over the sunburn areas, including  over the white, flakey peeling skin ( it will stop peeling after this).  Use this mixture at least every  1/2 hour to hour durning the first 24 hours.  Put this mixture by your bedside , so you can  apply this over the sunburned areas, if you wake up during the night, without having to get out of bed. Yes you may smell like a salad during this process, but it is better to have the sunburn go into a tan vs. white, peeling skin.
Remember to apply sunscreen frequently and not wait until you feel a burn. Get a small travel   or sample size of sunscreen to make it easier for kids to tote it around.

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