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Global Guide to Divorce
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Reasons to Hire a Dating Coach After Divorce

Dating rules and expectations have changed since being single again after a decade or two. What worked in the distant past does not seem to be working now after a divorce. It can be daunting stepping back into the dating scene after a long hiatus. Questions pop up – Who pays? When do I initiate dates? How do I meet people again? Who are you going to call – the dating coach!

  1. It is nearly impossible to do an unbiased self-assessment. A dating coach is able to give you honest feedback regarding your strengths and weaknesses. She enlightens you to which areas need an overhaul – attitude, confidence or unrealistic expectation of nabbing a billionaire. She helps you to get a realistic picture of yourself.
  2. A dating coach can help boost one’s self-esteem which took a battering in a toxic marriage. If one feels that they are unworthy of a great person – they may be repeating marital patterns and dating those who put her/him down. A dating coach reaffirms a person’s self-worth and to raise the bar on the qualities of dating partners.
  3. A dating coach can gently suggest some outward improvements to give a better first impression. Different research studies indicate that folks make decisions about new people between 1/10 of a second to thirty seconds, with the average being seven seconds. The coach may refer a client to a department store stylist for a few wardrobe upgrades. Or getting rid of grey hair for a more youthful appearance. I still see women in their 50’s-60’s wearing bright blue eye shadow which was popular   decades ago. A make-over can be just the ticket for updating one’s looks when starting to date once more.
  4. A dating coach can look at one’s interactions to determine a few things. Are you tongue tied? Do you chatter non-stop out of nervousness? Are you a good listener? How to encourage the other party to talk about themselves and not answer by yes or no?
  5. Knowing how to navigate different dating sites is a job for a dating coach. She guides people in making a profile, selecting a self-photo and the other intricacies of online dating. She can assist in making the initial contact and in answering any responses from potential dates until one feels more at ease. She is a good resource for deciphering men’s profiles and any other concerns that crop up with internet dating.  Please read more