Using Social Media during Divorce and Beyond

During divorce and family break up be careful what you do on social media and other online sites. It can stop you moving on, and could even mean losing time with your children.

Shared care

You may be selective of what goes on your social media sites, but that does not mean your friends are too. They may be posting party pics from the hen party or birthday bashes. Looking like the party girl is not going to help you look like a responsible parent when making shared care arrangements.

Remember friends may not have strict privacy settings or may share intimate details with their pals. Put on your site, or allow friends to post, only what would be okay for your family to view. If you have a spiteful ex, don’t give him ammunition from social media sites to use against you. Stay off dating sites until the divorce is finalized. I heard of a man who posted on a dating site he was single with no children, when he had two sons. A single family friend spotted it and a copy got to the mum, her solicitor, the sons’ therapist and the custody evaluator. The father ended up with limited visitation and no overnights.

Avoid vengeful and makes disparaging comments about your ex. If he says abusive things to you, or tries to discredit you online, keep a record, in case you need evidence through the courts.