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Global Guide to Divorce
Jack Jack the Cat

Ways to Make New Friends after Divorce

It is a blow to lose friendships that you thought would last forever. Some close ones may have initially been your girlfriends and then you went out as couples with spouses. To have these pals align with your former spouse is a surprise. Look at it this way, divorce lets you know who your true friends are. How do you fill these vacant positions?

  1. is global and has many groups for varied interests. I am in the local girlfriend’s one, ages 40s to 60s. We go to restaurants for lunch or tea, happy hour, lattes or whatever. These women are well-travelled, intelligent and a lot of laughs. My divorced buddy is in the hiking group. Some larger cities have divorced and single parent groups in
  2. Join special interest groups to encounter like-minded people. You may develop a friendship which deepens into love and then marriage which has happened to a few divorced people that I know. These groups may be political, civic, for a particular cause such as animal rescue, or in many other areas. Some churches have singles’ groups which do a lot of fun activities. I joined an international organization, Toastmasters, which has the added bonus of enhancing my career and boosting personal confidence.
  3. Ask your friends to invite their other friends and you do the same. Meet for Happy Hour, get together at someone’s house or at some event. This is a way to get to know others who may have similar interests since you have friends in common.

4. Your workplace may have a potential pool of new friends. See if some co-workers would like to go out to lunch or after work. You may work in IT with not much partying. The sales team for example, may be very social and have plenty of get-togethers that you could attend.   Please read more