Adopt a class before your vacation

Talk to a teacher and bring back a local craft/bookmark for each student.  The kids will learn a little bit about a new corner of the world.  When I went to Vietnam, I found a small set  containing a wooden girl and boy, dressed in the native outfits, for $1.50 each.  That way the gift could be given to either gender.  Colorful bookmarks with local scenes would also be inexpensive.  The teacher showed the first grade students where Vietnam is on a globe and map.  They briefly discussed a little bit about the country and food.  It was fun for me to find these treasures and the kids really liked them and learning about a different country  Key chains, pencils, pens or small local crafts would inspire children to want to know more about kids around the globe. Perhaps you could find a small  booklet about your travel destination, for school kids amidst these budget cuts for education.

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