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First Dates – What To Do And When To Bail

First dates can be tricky.  What is expected. When to bail. The first of these two podcasts gives information about how to get ready and act on a first date. Advice given by Wendi Schuller and Daniel Isle Skye on a new dating series with podcasts released every week on datingcoach.coach

3rd podcast  First Date   podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dating-coach/id1492513803

Dating disasters.  Wendi and Daniel share dates which did not work out and how to avoid these blunders.

4th episode Bad Dates  podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dating-coach/id1492513803

Podcast on Divorcing a Narcissist- Tips and Strategies

Podcast from London’s Divorce Sux on Divorcing a Narcissist. Tips and strategies for getting through proceedings and co-parenting with this individual. Guideline for dealing with narcissists in general and how they differ from sociopaths.    soundcloud.com/divorcesux/divorcing-a-narcissist-ep009

Radio Podcast from London on Divorce

My interview on divorce from Croydon Radio in  London croydonradio.com/upload/podcast/2016-03-02-09-59-59.mp3

Interview on the Michael Dresser Radio Show

Click here to listen to my interview on the Michael Dresser Radio Show. Topics include marriage strengths and difficulties, communication, counseling, kids, and the attorneys.

Divorce Talk Radio California

Click here to listen my interview on Divorce Talk Radio California!

I join the show at 17 mins in.

We talk about the different types of divorce, children and parenting, alternative therapies, professional custody evaluations, and my book on Amazon.



My interview on WGN radio taking questions about divorce:

Click here to listen to the podcast!