This list contains resources on many topics: divorce, parenting, finances, health, mental health including addictions, plus much more. Links to getting help for many areas in life.

The Divorce Magazine - Because divorce is truly but a life journey, a challenging and painful one, but a journey nonetheless. And This too Shall Pass. Articles by professionals on every aspect of divorce: legal process, co-parenting, dating, travel, moving on, finances and so much more. - United Kingdom and Global

Divorce Magazine - 16 years providing support and resources to those going through divorce. BlogsOnDivorce.comFamilyLawyerMagazine.com - DivorceMag.com - Toronto

DivorceForce  Affected by Divorce? Join DivorceForce online community committed to empowering those affected by divorce.

Dads' Divorce - Support fathers in family law, child custody and divorce.

Men's Divorce - Resources, articles and a forum particularly for divorcing men.

DivorcedMoms - Join an online community of moms who understand divorce. A place to share experiences and stories. We offer encouragement, inspiration, resources and expert advice.

The Lilac Tree:  Resources for Divorcing Women including workshops located at:

1123 Emerson Street, Suite 215
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone: 847-328-0313
Fax: 847-328-0576

Visions Anew provides workshops and classes for those facing divorce Contact Information:

P.O. Box 680354, Marietta, GA 30068 in Atlanta and Marietta
Telephone: 770-953-2882  Fax: 1-855-318-2225
Email: info@visionsanew.org

The Next Chapter Commitment to the success of women making life changes. Divorce resources for women. We stand for empowering divorcing women like you, and we know that in doing so, we're actually empowering everyone.

Unresolved addiction issues can destroy a relationship and lead to divorce

The questions that many of us have in Divorce

How to run a small business during divorce

Women's DivorceWe are here to help answer the many questions about the divorce process - from financial, to legal, to emotional.

Single Process of going from We to Me with divorce. A great web site with tips on how to get back into the single lifestyle post-divorce.

Divorce Care is a global organization which has weekly meeting with a video and discussion on divorce topics. People learn practical tips. Some locations have Divorce Care for Kids.

Restored Lives - The Restored Lives course supports and empowers people to move forward from divorce and separation, or the breakdown of any serious relationship, to live a full life, free from past issues.

Divorce Recovery Workshops (DRW) have six week courses on a variety of topics related to divorce and moving on in life. They have weekend retreats in country hotels.

Probability of marriage success of the top 20 US cities by their population & rank them according to a few criteria. - Interesting divorce statistics.

The Custody X Change Giving Program has a free app to arrange a calendar for shared time, and useful assistance for setting up custody using various percentages for shared time.

A resource that provides tips on navigating child custody during a crisis and how parents can plan accordingly

A guide to parallel parenting, which is designed for divorced parents that can't or don't want to engage in face-to-face contact because of ongoing conflict. - It involves efficient planning around drop-offs, pick-ups and other engagements to ensure the parents will have limited communication.

Only Mums helps mothers and Only Dads helps fathers who are going through divorce and separation. - Articles and resources

List of divorce resources covering each stage

The guide contains information on the nature of addiction, child custody issues and solutions, financial support guidance, and the roles of addiction experts and child custody evaluators when divorcing an alcoholic 

LegalFinders works to help you locate the best lawyers near you

How to ease the moving out process into a condoCondo Moving Checklist

Comprehensive guide on dating violence against women

Reape-Rickett Law Firm - Has over 300 articles on divorce

Divorce Preparation Checklist

5 tips to avoid a long, expensive divorce

Family Matters Oxford provides free help, support and guidance on the legal issues facing separating parents. 1 Agnes Court Oxford OX4 2EW

Galbraith Family Law has put together a free four-part ebook series entitled Dealing with Divorce. Each ebook covers a different topic such as the divorce process, children, managing your finances, and starting over. You can access the free ebooks here: Dealing with Divorce: The Complete 4 Part Ebook Series

Consumer Affairs gives the tools singles need to make an informed decision when choosing the best online dating site. With an estimated 1,000 online dating sites in existence, specific information on them with consumer ratings is helpful.

Extensive Legal Glossary from The Law Society

Link that explains legal terms  http://pinningtonlaw.co.uk/glossary/   and this one gives helpful legal advice https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-rights/

This guide gives the basics of planning an estate: guiding you through laws, tax consequences, wills, trusts, probate, estate administration, as well providing estate planning help

Fixing Marital Problems - Marriage Problems? Here's an 8-Step Rescue Plan   

Post-Divorce - Life After Divorce - Advice on How to Cope and Move OnThe Single Parent's Guide to Buying a Home: Assistants, Grants and Home OwnershipSingle Parenting: Keep Your Single-Parent Family Financially Fit

Legal Contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements explained

Causes of Birth Injuries

Legal resource for mariners and military regarding rights and compensation


World’s largest marriage resource, to support marriages.  Has dating advice, legal guidance and more

Catphishing occurs when someone creates a fake identity online to exploit individuals they connect with on dating sites, usually by manipulating them for financial gain  How to avoid this:  https://www.pandasecurity.com/en/mediacenter/panda-security/catphishing/#infographic

Onelove educates young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships, empowering them to identify and avoid abuse and learn how to love better    https://www.joinonelove.org/

The charity  Relate helps people to learn how to strengthen their relationships. They provide support and counselling  https://www.relate.org.uk/

OnePlusOne  Our digital resources and information will help to improve the quality of your relationship  https://www.oneplusone.org.uk/

It's over. You're not. Informative articles in:      SplitsvilleNYC  http://www.splitsville.com/

24 Tips for Dorm Living" article covering the basic rules of establishing a friendly relationship with roommates   https://custom-writing.org/blog/tips-for-dorm-living


Resources that can help you get through divorce and navigate the world of single parenting https://www.fiscaltiger.com/financial-resources-for-single-parents/

 Guide to help couples going through a divorce with their finances  https://www.custodyxchange.com/guides/financial-planning.php

This comprehensive guide includes programs which help single-parent families with food, housing, healthcare, and more   https://www.possiblefinance.com/blog/financial-help-single-parents/

A detailed compilation of discounts, free products, learning opportunities, and assistance programs for single mothers or fathers in the United States - The Dealhack Single Parent Savings  https://dealhack.com/blog/single-parent-savings-guide

Supportive tools and financial resources to help single parents buy a new house  https://www.uphomes.com/blog/buy-house-single-parent.html

Numerous financial scams can make you a victim of identity theft and substantial monetary loss, plus also affect your credit    https://www.idstrong.com/financial-scams/

Tools and Tips for Young People to Protect Their Finances Online https://www.mastersindatascience.org/resources/teaching-young-people-how-to-protect-finances-online/

Math and Accounting Activities for Kids. Math is the study of numbers. Accounting is the practice of managing money   https://www.financialforce.com/library/math-and-accounting-activities-for-kids/

This guide explains the signs of financial abuse, how to get help and tips to build financial literacy and healthy habits to protect yourself  https://www.selflender.com/blog/financial-abuse

Our guide offers advice on five ways to cope with financial stress,and create a plan to reduce debt   https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/mental-health-and-debt/

This resource helps financially struggling single mothers with finding grants and government assistance programs https://financialassistanceforsinglemothers.com/

A comprehensive guide lists out resources that can act as a good starting point for financial assistance, from federal grants to housing to childcare help   https://www.couponchief.com/blog/help-for-single-moms/

A comprehensive guide to getting research funding and for finding grant opportunities    https://ivypanda.com/blog/funding-for-a-student-research-project/

A guide to sustainable investing to help save the environment and promote climate change  https://www.carboncollective.co/sustainable-investing

A list of financial aid opportunities for UK minority students         https://uk.edubirdie.com/blog/financial-aid-opportunities-for-minority-students

Handling finances after the passing of a loved one can be chaotic. Knowing what to look for — e.g. gathering the right documents,  whom to contact, and understanding different terms —  makes it easier https://www.fiscaltiger.com/handling-finances-after-the-loss-of-a-family-member/

How to Live on a Low Income - https://www.moneygeek.com/living/resources/how-to-live-on-low-income/

A guide for couples who are thinking about getting a joint bank account  Is having joint bank account a good or bad idea

Estate planning   https://learn.financestrategists.com/finance-terms/estate-planning/

Airtasker  connects people who need to outsource tasks with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work    https://www.airtasker.com/

The Single Parent’s Guide to Buying a Home: Assistance, Grants, and Homeownership      How to Get Through a Divorce Financially   Child Support Handbook: Collecting Support

This site helps financially struggling single mothers with finding grants and government assistance programs   https://financialassistanceforsinglemothers.com/

financial guide for single parents that covers government and tax benefits, planning for your child's financial future, and more.   https://hellobestow.com/blog/money-management-for-single-parents/

This comprehensive guide shares programs and resources available to single-parents, as well as actionable tips they can use to help make homeownership a reality  https://www.fhaloans.com/articles/single-parent-first-time-homebuyer/

Practical advice for closing on a house  https://galaxy-title.com/steps-on-closing-on-a-house/

Practical Money Skills for Life  has helpful article on finance including in divorce  http://www.practicalmoneyskills.com/personalfinance/experts/practicalmoneymatters/columns_2015/0724_Independence.php

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, and can be used without traditional financial institutions Cryptocurrency 101 explains this new digital financial monetary system    https://www.cointracker.io/blog/financial-literacy-cryptocurrency-101

Talking to children about their  finances   http://moneysmart101.org/how-to-teach-your-children-to-be-financially-smart-in-this-digital-age/ 

An easy to understand  financial guide written for children themselves     https://www.smbcompass.com/kids-guide-to-money-and-finances/

Unit Converter: An online  converter covering a multitude of areas  https://www.easyunitconverter.com/

This guide breakdowns the best scholarship platforms and instruct users on how to use them effectively to make attending college feasible.  http://www.reviews.com/best-scholarship-search-platforms/  

Infographic describing various scams directed at college students and the ways to prevent being scammed    https://ivypanda.com/blog/scams-in-college-and-how-to-avoid-them/

Scholarships for Psychology Majors

More than 12 different scholarships and grants for African American students https://edubirdie.com/blog/african-american-scholarship.

Scholarships for those with health conditions, health insurance facts, and tips to succeed while managing a chronic condition.   


Guides  for US student loans and managing student debt  https://www.cometfi.com/student-loan-debt-statistics     https://www.cometfi.com/student-loan-refinancing-blueprint

Template for collage students to manage debt and expenses   https://oneclass.com/blog/uncategorized/142625-the-only-college-student-budget-template-you-will-ever-need-free.en.htm

This guide and infographic helps to decide whether to live on or off-campus  https://ivypanda.com/blog/living-on-campus-vs-off-campus/   https://ivypanda.com/blog/living-on-campus-vs-living-off-campus-inforgraphic/

15 different scholarships and grants for Native American students  https://edubirdie.com/blog/native-american-students-scholarships.

Helps financially disadvantaged Native American families with finding grants to pay   bills     http://grantsfornativeamericans.org/

Our Student Scholarship Awards from Study.com were designed to help students ease the financial burden Study.com College Scholarship for High School Seniors Computer Science Scholarship from Study.com Biology Scholarship from Study.com Study.com Scholarship for Economics Majors Math Scholarship from Study.com Study.com Scholarship for Accounting Majors

Annuity.org   Our organization prides itself on having the most accurate information on annuities and structured settlements.  http://www.annuity.org/divorce/   Article addresses: Will the contract be divided or transferred into new annuities? Can they be exchanged for something of equal value? Do state laws or terms within the contract prohibit dividing the annuity? annuity.org/2014/09/22/dealing-with-annuities-divorce/

Singe Mother Grants:  Financial assistance programs that help single mothers with rent, utility bills, child care, education, medication, housing, medical bills, and mortgage, among others.       http://singlemothersgrants.org/

Free grants and financial assistance programs that help women http://freegrantsforwomen.org/

Website which helps ex felons with finding free grants for housing, rent, utility bills, medical bills,
college and medications     https://freegrantsforfelons.org/

A website that helps low income women with finding grants and financial assistance programs. These grants help families with education, rent, housing, utility bills, mortgage, and medical bills.   FreeGrantsForWomen 

Breakdown of the costs of raising a child, how to build an appropriate budget to support these needs, and lists support systems to help provide aid for families   Raising Children on a Single of Fixed Income

Top 10 things we waste our money on      https://www.surveyssay.com/things-youre-wasting-money-on/

Credit card for travel  https://creditcards.usnews.com/no-foreign-transaction-fee   From US News & World Report

Fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year at every level of government. Whistleblowers may be eligible for a reward    https://www.whistleblowerinfo.com/

Saving Money On Auto Insurance During The COVID-19 Outbreak and in general   https://www.insuranceproaz.com/car-insurance-and-covid-19/

A guide from LendEDU  that breaks down foreign transaction fees for credit cards  https://lendedu.com/blog/credit-card-foreign-international-transaction-fees/

Explains pros and cons of Payday and Title loans  https://www.consumeraffairs.com/finance/payday.html

Tips on how to avoid mistakes with an auto loan  https://www.lexingtonlaw.com/blog/news/auto-loan-mistakes-survey.html

10 SIMPLE TIPS FOR CHOOSING A COMMERCIAL INSURANCE AGENT  https://www.insuranceproaz.com/how-to-choose-commercial-insurance-agent

Data driven report exploring the impact of U.S educational debt and how costs and repayments compare around the world https://www.studocu.com/blog/en/student-loan-debt-report


Discover the signs to look for and what steps you can take to help a child recover from a traumatic event. https://asanarecovery.com/impacts-of-childhood-trauma/

How to Calm a Child with Autism

Create a Sensory Safe Yard for Children with Special Needs

Sensory Processing Treatments

Estate Planning for Parents of Kids with Autism

Classroom Accommodations for Kids with Sensory Issues

Moving with Special Needs Kids

https://www.greenmountaintreatmentcenter.com/resources/parents/     https://www.graniterecoverycenters.com/resources/addiction-mental-health-resources-for-students

7 Signs your child might have a vision problem  https://www.1800contacts.com/eyesociety/7-warning-signs-your-child-may-have-a-vision-problem/

WithinHealth published a guide on Eating Disorders and Children including signs and symptoms    https://withinhealth.com/learn/children

How to travel by aeroplane with your newborn   https://pandalondon.com/top-tips-for-flying-with-your-baby/

Resources and Support for Students with Challenges at Home: https://www.publicservicedegrees.org/resources/students-with-family-challenges/

14 Ways to reduce anxiety in children  https://wordfinderx.com/blog/how-to-reduce-anxiety-in-children/

How adults can talk to their children regarding a family member or friend having cancer   https://www.mesotheliomahope.com/resources/children/

Different types of parenting styles and their effects on children   https://www.verywellmind.com/parenting-styles-2795072

A child safety guide that covers topics like school and bullying safety, household and product safety, and many more    https://www.nstlaw.com/child-safety/

Top 25 Gadgets You Need to Study Smarter     https://custom-writing.org/blog/top-gadgets-you-need-study-smarter

This guide shows how to make your garage or workshop as safe as possible for kids and pets  https://primeweld.com/blogs/news/kids-and-pet-safety-in-the-shop

This guide covers what parents and local community planners need to know so their playgrounds and backyard play sets are safe and  fully accessible   https://backyartisan.com/playset-accessibility/

An updated guide on ways to keep kids safe while using the internet  https://www.allconnect.com/blog/keeping-kids-safe-online

Healthy Digital Citizens: Helping Kids Stay Active & Safe in the Internet Age    https://www.tennisdepartment.com/healthy-digital-citizens/

A guide for parents to help their children navigate the internet safelyhttps://www.internetadvisor.com/internet-access-for-kids-parents-guide

An online safety guide for kids  https://privacyhub.cyberghostvpn.com/privacyhub/internet-safety-for-kids-guide/

A social media safety guide for parents to help inform their children how to be aware of the dangers of social media and the internet https://online.maryville.edu/blog/social-media-safety-guide-parents/

Too much screen time can interfere with social skills and development, as well as stifle creative thinking and change a child’s behavior. Tips for setting restrictions    https://www.intego.com/mac-security-blog/protect-your-kids-on-ios-devices-with-parental-controls/

Safe cell phone usage for children       https://www.cellphonedeal.com/blog/a-parents-guide-when-is-it-safe-for-your-child-to-get-a-cellphone

How to keep your child safe on their smartphone  https://routersnetwork.com/life-changing-guide-to-protect-your-children-on-their-smartphone/

This guide has tips on phone safety, streaming content, gaming and other online activities for kids   https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/the-ultimate-parent-guide-for-child-internet/

Parental controls: Keeping your child safe when watching TV    https://www.cablecompare.com/blog/parental-controls-keeping-your-children-safe-when-watching-tv

An article which identifies harassment and provide resources and methods to maintain safety over the internet for women and girls   https://vpnguru.com/blog/online-safety-guide-for-women/

Our latest resource on how to keep children safe online https://homesage.co.uk/how-to-keep-children-safe-online/

An online safety guide for kids:  https://privacyhub.cyberghostvpn.com/privacyhub/internet-safety-for-kids-guide/

A comprehensive guide to internet safety for non-techy parents/carers,  covering the dangers of the internet,  and how to use parental controls   https://pixelprivacy.com/resources/keep-children-safe-online/

What adults and students can do about cyber bullying     https://online.maryville.edu/blog/what-is-cyberbullying-an-overview-for-students-parents-and-teachers/

Prevention and Solutions to Cyber Bullying, including signs your child may be a victim https://www.centeredrecoveryprograms.com/cyberbullying/

Several anti-cyberbullying resources: 
https://www.customenvy.com/pages/how-parents-help-prevent-cyberbullying/    https://www.webpurify.com/blog/15-ways-parents-can-help-prevent-cyberbullying/     https://resources.uknowkids.com/blog/bid/159108/10-ways-parents-can-prevent-cyberbullying

100+ professionals gave advice on how parents can keep their kids safe from the digital threats in this comprehensive guide   E-safety Guide for Parents to Kids Keep Safe Online  

The Stop Cyberbullying Guide – packed full of information and stats to put an end to cyberbullying  https://fios.verizon.com/beacon/stop-cyberbullying/

An article on cybersecurity which explains common digital threats students may face and provides online safety tips     https://studycorgi.com/blog/cybersecurity-threats-for-students-how-to-fight-them/ 

How to identify the main types of  cybersecurity threats which students encounter, and learn how to protect oneself from them   https://ivypanda.com/blog/cyber-security-threats/

How to keep your phone safe and reduce cybersecurity risks such as hacking  https://www.cellphonedeal.com/blog/security-and-your-phone-what-are-the-risks-and-how-to-stay-safeComplete guide for understanding bullying in the modern age, including risks, statistics. various types and how to end it  https://everlastrecovery.com/2021/01/03/how-can-i-help-my-child-whos-being-bullied/ 

A guide for parents on how to deal with cyberbullying   https://edubirdie.com/blog/dealing-with-cyberbullying-guide-for-parents 

A resource on bullying awareness, prevention and to raise awareness of bullying among youth  https://essayontime.com.au/bullying-awareness-prevention-guide/

A guide to internet safety for parents including bringing awareness regarding in-game chat rooms https://www.householdguide.co.uk/how-to-keep-kids-and-teens-safe-online-updated-for-2020/

Project iGuardian aims to counter a disturbing fact: many online child predators can find victims online because children are not always aware of how dangerous online environments can behttps://www.ice.gov/topics/iGuardians

An overview which covers the importance of early screenings for adolescents  https://jflowershealth.com/adolescent-screenings-and-evaluations/

It is crucial to teach children about the significance of an eco-friendly lifestyle and recycling as early as possible https://www.saniflodepot.com/pages/household-waste-management-guide-for-parents 

Common Sense is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century  https://www.commonsensemedia.org/privacy-and-internet-safety

A useful guide with many different tips about internet safety for parents and their childrenhttps://www.192-168-1-1-ip.co/internet-security-for-kids/

This  guide is jam packed with stats and practical advice about screen addiction, cyber bullying, self esteem and more  https://yourgeardeconstructed.com/parents-internet-safety-security-screen-time-guide/

Informative guide for teens, youngsters and students how to avoid cyberbullying and what steps to take to be protected. It includes statistics, studies and much more https://cooltechzone.com/internet-safety-guide.

An informative guide on bullying awareness and prevention https://edubirdie.com/blog/bullying-awareness-prevention.

New internet safety guide to keep children safe, as censorship can be lacking  https://diygardening.co.uk/keep-children-safe-online/

Detective Cronister, Dr. Nir Kshetri and Cybersecurity Expert Casey Crane created a resource that teaches  parents, teachers, and children how to stay safe online  https://codesigningstore.com/internet-safety-for-kids-teens

A guide for online safety which covers topics such as radicalisation, blackmail, and how strangers make contact with your child online  https://job-prices.co.uk/keep-children-safe-online/

Parental guide for internet safety, including social media sites and You Tube  https://www.safetydetectives.com/blog/parents-guide-for-safe-youtube-and-internet-streaming-for-kids/

A guide  for educators and parents, with interactive games and activities to make learning about staying safe on the internet fun and effective https://www.directvdeals.com/resources/internet-guide/

A practical guide for parents in keeping their teens safe online, and provides helpful advice in using  apps such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Whatsapp  https://www.mytutor.co.uk/blog/the-parents-guide-to-teaching-your-teen-online-safety/

Two resources to keep kids safe online  https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/internet-safety-kids https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/common-online-scams

Each section of this guide about  online safety for kids is summarized with actionable items for the parent/teacher  https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/the-ultimate-parent-guide-for-child-internet/

Tips on how to keep children safe online  https://tradesmenprices.co.uk/child-safety/

17 Rules to protect kids online – Internet safety for children https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/internet-safety-kids

Children are spending more time online, and there are risks by allowing them unsupervised time on the internet https://www.safetydetectives.com/blog/parents-guide-for-safe-youtube-and-internet-streaming-for-kids/

This guide describes why digital literacy is so important for kids and what parents should do to reduce the possible risks      https://infotracer.com/resources/digital-citizenship-guide-for-parents/

A guide to equip children with skills so they can experience the internet positively and safely do searches  https://finalscope.com/internet-safety-for-kids/

Adolescents are at major risk for obesity, gender issues, drug abuse and risky sexual behaviors. Screening resources to zero in on the most important issues and make sure those are treated first.   https://jflowershealth.com/adolescent-screenings-and-evaluations/

This guide details the parental guides for television, movies, and video games, what the differences in ratings mean, what parents can expect from media within these ratings  https://seatup.com/blog/a-parents-guide-to-age-appropriate-media/

Nearly 5o% of children have experienced at least one adverse childhood trauma. Almost 35% of children have experienced two or more.   Resources and help from Iris Healing  https://irishealing.com/trauma-informed-care-addiction/

Parents' sleep health resource guide for helping children get better sleep  https://www.mattressclarity.com/blog/parents-guide-helping-children-sleep/.

This guide features information on how to deal with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), adolescent behavior problems, ADHD, and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)   https://pacificbeachhealth.com/top-tips-for-parents/

Safety Tips for Beginner Cyclists    https://powermetercity.com/smart-guide-for-beginner-cyclist/  . https://www.athlosports.com/blogs/news/top-cycling-tips-for-beginners

An educational resource which bring light to the many things one must consider before, during, and after a move. This article is about helping children   https://www.apartmentguide.com/blog/questions-your-kids-may-ask-about-moving/

Sleep Calculator for Kids makes it easy for parents to calculate the best sleep/wake times for children with tips to facilitate bedtime routines and promote sleep hygiene https://sleepopolis.com/education/sleep-calculator-for-kids/

From daycare to nannies, this guide helps parents learn what to look for (and red flags to avoid) when finding someone to watch their children   https://hellobestow.com/blog/what-to-look-for-in-a-daycare/

A guide on how adults can talk to their children regarding a family member or friend having cancer   https://www.mesotheliomahope.com/resources/children/

This guide includes information on symptoms of eye strain, statistics of computer use of children and teens and solutions to prevent digital eye strain in children and teens  https://www.eyeglasses.com/digital-eye-strain-children-teens/

Helping Your Toddler with Separation Anxiety    Helping Your Aspergers Teen Cope with Life    Preparing for the Death of a Terminally-Ill Loved One: What to Expect, and How to Help the Entire Family Move Forward: Considerations for Your Child    patricia@publichealthcorps.org - publichealthcorps.org

Guide regarding “THE IMPORTANCE OF EARLY INTERVENTION Services for Children with Autism“ https://www.accel.org/blog/early-intervention-autism-importance/   

Teaching children on the autism spectrum how to take medication  https://www.singlecare.com/blog/teaching-children-with-autism-medication/

A  guide on autism tech safety while using the internet.  Those with ASD are more susceptible to threats like cyberbullying, scams, and internet addiction  https://www.allconnect.com/blog/autism-online-safety

A useful guide for people with ASD using the internet

An extensive guide on Designing the Perfect Home Playroom for Children with Autism  https://productdiggers.com/autism-playroom/

A resource guide for STEM students with autism  https://techbootcamps.utexas.edu/blog/resource-guide-stem-students-autism/

An extensive guide on Is a Therapy Dog Right for Your Child with Autism  https://dogdigz.com/therapy-dog-autism/

Resources for families who have a child on the spectrum. It can be a challenging to overhaul parenting strategies to be of maximum support to their neurodiverse child https://www.joinsprouttherapy.com/guides/parents-guide

A guide for the signs of drug use in teens  https://www.drligotti.com/signs-of-teen-drug-use/

Divorce: Minding the Kids in Divorce: Minimizing the Mental Health Impact  Divorce Guide for Teens A Teen Guide to Divorce  What Should We Tell the Children? Developing a Mutual Story of the Divorce  Talking to Your Kids About Losing Your Home: 4 Mistakes to Avoid        Breaking the ‘D’ News to Friends and Family: Helping Them Help You

Other topics: Motivating Kids to be Active  Mental Illness in Children: Signs, Types, & Causes    5 Serious Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore in Kids   Coping with a Child’s Illness While You’re in Recovery: Learn Coping Methods While Going Through This Difficult Time  How to Create an Autism-Friendly Environment for Kids     Learn to be Happy and Fit  http://learnfit.org/

An in-depth visual guide about protecting children on their smartphone and offers parents advice on ‘Safe Smartphone Use’ for their children  https://www.tigermobiles.com/blog/how-to-protect-your-children-on-their-smartphone/

Guide on how Childhood Trauma Influences Drug Addiction  https://silvermistrecovery.com/childhood-trauma-and-addiction-in-adulthood/

Helpful Guide for parents:  Preventing Teen Substance Use    https://www.bluffsrehab.com/prevent-teen-using-drugs/

Resources for parents:   The Essential Teen Internet Safety Guide   6 Ways to Cope While Raising Kids and Caring for Elderly Parents   How to Spend More Quality Time With Your Child  Preventing Wandering in Children with Autism: Resources for Parents and First Responders     

Video game addiction can directly lead to mental health issues  https://aforeverrecovery.com/resources/video-game-addiction-facts/

The guide maps out dangerous areas in a home for children and tells how to make them safer https://www.basementguides.com/home-safety-for-kids-and-babyproofing/

Consumer math for children is fun math relating to money and business  https://couponfollow.com/research/couponing-for-kids

A Parent's Guide to Choosing the Best Sports Gear for Kids

Tips for a healthy relationship with food and exercise for Freshmen



Sun & Water Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe on a Family Holiday:     https://www.loveholidays.com/holidays/child-sun-and-water-safety-on-holiday/

Helping Your Firstborn Adjust to New Siblings   10 Ways Parents Can Help Children Adjust to High School  One Man’s Trash: Safety Tips for Secondhand Furniture and Toys   Preventing Parent Burn Out  Choosing a Preschool: Simple Tips for Parents  Single Parenting After Losing a Partner to Suicide

The Parent’s Guide to Creating a Baby-Safe Home Interior  ADHD in Toddlers: Early Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment  Keep Kids Safe from TV Tipovers  A Parent’s Guide to Building a Safe and Fun Backyard Playground  Childproofing Your Home for a Child with Vision Impairment Does My Teen Need Treatment?

Helpful resource for parents who have physical or mental challenges      disabledparents.org 

Autism:    Guide to Better Sleep for Kids with Autism     Accommodations for Students with Autism

Autism Resource Center     Creating an Autism Friendly Home   Autism and Travel

Autism Support Network Resources   Planning a Move with AutismMindful Co-parenting: Helping

 Digital Resources for Students with Autism    https://teach.com/online-ed/psychology-degrees/online-masters-applied-behavior-analysis/aba-digital-autism-resources/

Studies have shown that those with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more susceptible to online threats than others,  this is a helpful guide for internet safety for those with ASD  https://wizcase.com/blog/internet-safety-guide-for-people-with-autism-spectrum-disorders/#8 

 “Tips for Traveling with Autistic Children“  https://www.accel.org/blog/traveling-with-autistic-children/ 

Guide covering Autism and Mood Disorders, such as Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and Depression. Treatment and advice for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  https://www.elemy.com/studio/autism/autism-mood-disorders   https://www.elemy.com/studio/aspergers/symptoms-and-signs   https://www.elemy.com/studio/autism-and-anxiety/  https://www.elemy.com/studio/autism/adults

Children Cope with Divorce https://www.custodyxchange.com/guides/co-parenting/   Great resource for co-parenting submitted by Single Mommy of Two and Writer at SingleHappyMommy.com  

Parents' guide for protecting their children online https://www.bestvpnrating.com/guide-children-privacy       https://householdquotes.co.uk/keeping-children-safe-online/

Guide for how social media and internet use can put a child's identity at risk while traveling and precautions to take  https://millionmilesecrets.com/guides/protect-your-and-your-childrens-identity-when-you-travel/

9 Ways to make social media safer for children   https://www.infinitydish.com/blog/social-media-safety-for-children/

Guide to internet safety for non-techy  parents who are concerned about how to keep their kids safe when online  https://giftedgeek.co.uk/keep-children-safe-online/ .

How to Work from Home Efficiently with Kids      Tips For Creating a Home Office in a Small Space  Resource Roundup: Free Educational Resources for Pre-K, K-12, College, and Continuing Education Students      Teaching Kids at Home During Coronavirus: Pro Tips From Homeschoolers     Storm Spotting for Children: At-Home Meteorology    Easy Chemistry Experiments to Do at Home   Best Educational Social Studies Websites    The Educator's Guide to Applying Real-World Math: 15 Resources with Over 100 Lesson Plans    Indoor Exercise for Kids: Online Classes and Games During Coronavirus

Parent's  Guide for keeping kids and pets safe during the holiday season   Parent's Holiday Safety Guide 

Helping Kids in Traumatic Experiences

State-by-state guide to check if children are protected online at libraries and schools. Tips for at home.  https://www.allconnect.com/blog/keeping-kids-safe-online/      Allconnect.com

Child identity theft is on the rise, how parents can monitor their child’s credit report   https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/how-check-childs-credit-report-1270.php     Risks of identity theft, how to check a minor's credit report, and then what to do if there is evidence of identity theft https://lendedu.com/blog/how-do-you-check-your-childs-credit-report    https://lendedu.com

An in-depth guide on how kids can stay healthy and hygienic in and around swimming pools https://www.bazuka.co.uk/pool-safety-and-hygiene

A guide which has the  keys to success when it comes to acing the SAT essays      The SAT Essay 2019-2020: What to Expect

The benefits developing a growth mindset can have on your academic success, job performance, mental health, relationships, etc.  https://custom-writing.org/blog/why-developing-a-growth-mindset-is-vital-to-your-academic-success

Grammar Check: Quality results using Artificial Intelligence Technology  https://grammica.com/

Guide to child car safety, covering car seats, bringing your newborn home from the hospital to transitioning them to booster seats and seat belts  https://www.esurance.com/insights/child-car-seat-safety

Reviews and recommendations for baby, child and pregnancy products  temperandtantrum.com   mamawonder.com

A Parent's Guide to Choosing the Best Sports Gear for Kids

Tips for a healthy relationship with food and exercise for Freshmen



Work-Life Balance: A Guide to Surviving the Stress   http://groomandstyle.com/work-life-balance/

Sleep Deprivation:  Causes, Symptoms, Effects and Treatment   https://www.tuftandneedle.com/resources/sleep-deprivation-effects/

What You Need To Know About Insomnia: symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention https://healthmatch.io/insomnia

Mental health and sleep guide which provides tips and advice  on how to get a better night's rest  https://www.mattressnerd.com/mental-health/

A recently updated and expert verified resource on alcohol and sleep    https://www.mattressclarity.com/sleep-resources/nutrition/how-alcohol-impacts-sleep/

Getting over grief. Understanding its stages and how to heal  https://www.cnvdetox.com/understanding-grief/

Infographics on ways to get to sleep quickly and how technology can assist  https://disturbmenot.co/how-to-sleep-well-with-technology-infographic/

How to have better sleep habits and quality sleep  https://weightedjournal.com/sleep-help-asd-resource/

How to reduce stress   https://healthgrinder.com/ways-to-reduce-stress/  and helpful resource for health  https://healthgrinder.com

Positive Thinking and How to Practice it is about positive thinking, its advantages, and methods of practice     :https://ivypanda.com/blog/positive-thinking-and-how-to-practice-it-infographics/

How to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Depression   Journal Therapy for Self-Healing   How to Start Art Journaling and Manage Stress   Art and Mental Health: Benefits and Examples

50 ways forest and outdoor learning experiences benefit child developmenthttps://www.forestholidays.co.uk/outdoor-education-and-child-development-guide/

Two guides explaining the connection between gut health and medical conditions such as allergies or anxiety:  https://knowyourdna.com/gut-health-and-anxiety/      https://knowyourdna.com/gut-health-and-allergies/

How to deal with loneliness: 11 key coping strategies   https://www.fingerprintforsuccess.com/blog/how-to-deal-with-loneliness

Why me time is so important & how to get some  https://ivypanda.com/blog/make-time-for-me-time-who-needs-it-how-to-spend-it/

Quarantine weight gain: When to be concerned, statistics and solutions    https://healthmatch.io/blog/quarantine-weight-gain-when-is-it-a-cause-for-concern

Tips for freelancers and those doing gigs   How To Balance Your Side Hustle Stress And Your Sleep Cycle  https://myslumberyard.com/blog/balance-your-side-hustle-stress-and-your-sleep-cycle/

The benefits of minimalism for students and the ways of adopting a minimalist lifestyle step by step   https://ivypanda.com/blog/minimalism-for-students/ 

An article explaining the most crucial advantages of having a study buddy   https://ivypanda.com/blog/studying-with-friends/

Why we get information overload, the dangers of information overload, and the best tips on how to fight it   https://ivypanda.com/blog/information-overload-101/

Beating Burnout: An Online Survival Guide for College Students - https://www.edumed.org/resources/college-student-burnout-survival/

First Aid Kit for College Students- a guide for treating minor injuries or ailments    https://custom-writing.org/blog/first-aid-kit-for-college-students-the-complete-guide 

College Students Guide to Ergonomics which has helpful information and tips on how to keep active for optimal physical and mental health  https://unbreakyourself.com/students/

An article on nootropics with a list of supplements which will increase concentration and mental alertness      https://ivypanda.com/blog/should-i-take-nootropics/

A comprehensive infographic with several reasons why you should think of finding a study buddy or a study group    https://ivypanda.com/blog/studying-with-friends/

Extracurricular Activities & Why You Need Them for College   https://ivypanda.com/blog/extracurricular-activities/

The importance of Aromatherapy and how it reduces stress   https://www.perfume.com/article-guide-to-aromatherapy-and-fragrance-for-stress-relief.

A positive-mindset and understanding one's strengths can help to learn better, be more productive, and lead happy lives.  This strengths assessment is free and can help one gain self-awareness of strengths   https://high5test.com/

A safety guide for  cyclists   https://powermetercity.com/safety-tips-covid-cycling/

20+ of the best exercises for new and expecting mothers to stay in shape, Including a printable exercise tracker https://havenlife.com/blog/exercises-pregnant-womenwhich can-and-postpartum/

Addiction to exercise is a chronic mental illness  which can cause relationship issues, job loss, poor self-esteem, and poor overall health   https://withinhealth.com/learn/exercise-addiction

KnowYourDNA. provides tests and information so people can see if they are at higher risks for genetic diseases .and then be proactive  https://knowyourdna.com/home-health/personalized-supplements/

Learning more about your genetics and starting early treatment can prevent “lazy eye” and cataract blindness  https://knowyourdna.com/cataracts-and-genetics/

New Mouth was created to keep the public educated about current dental care practices, oral health basics, and how to find the best treatment possible  https://www.newmouth.com/blog/full-mouth-implants-cost/

A new guide ranking the 10 best U.S. cities for breast health advocacy with resources  https://tommyjohn.com/blogs/news/breast-health-study

A guide created for those seeking eye surgery and other vision correction options  https://www.visioncenter.org/eyeglasses/ & https://www.visioncenter.org/blog/glasses-round-faces/ https://www.visioncenter.org/eye-conditions/  

In-depth guidebook for members of the healthcare community which includes a compassion fatigue self-assessment, how to develop a self-care plan, and how to avoid secondary traumatic stress https://www.edumed.org/resources/compassion-fatigue-online-guide/

Millennial's and others who want to live happier, more productive lives  Adulting 101: Millennial Life Skills Classes

Tips on success and reaching goals  https://www.creditdonkey.com/daily-success.html

Tactics and success strategies which  can be be used in different negotiation situations (with family/friends; in the workplace, at school/university, etc.)    https://custom-writing.org/blog/negotiation-skills-explained-tips-success-strategies

A resource for information on sexual health. This is one of many health topics covered on the web site    https://www.everlywell.com/blog/sti-testing/sexual-health-myths/

A guide to Fitness Walking for Weight Loss    https://fittylife.com/fitness-walking-for-weight-loss/

A family fitness guide  to make fitness more accessible to everyone  garagegymreviews.com/family-fitness

How to stop snoring   https://www.mattressinsider.com/blog/how-to-stop-snoring/

Exercise Calculator - A helpful Tool That Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster https://fitnessvolt.com/30723/calories-burned-by-exercises/

Step-by-step guide for de cluttering and how that improves one's physical and mental health  globalguidetodivorce.com/de-cluttering-during-divorce-or-downsizing/

A new, comprehensive resource reviewing the internet’s impact on our physical and mental wellbeing including the effects of alcohol on sleep  https://www.tuck.com/alcohol-and-sleep/

How alcohol and tobacco negatively affects the quality of sleep  Alcohol’s Negative Impact on Sleep    Why Smokers Get Poor-Quality Sleep

More than one third of Americans are 'underslept' - putting them at increased risk of viral infection, heart disease, obesity,  depression and countless other ailments. Insufficient sleep increases mortality risk from any cause by roughly 15%.   https://www.bestmattress-brand.org/importance-of-sleep/

Defective medical devices and dangerous medications that are currently available on the market today  www.drugdangers.com

Dental resource which explains different types of dentistry and lists local  practitioners https://www.newmouth.com/

Information regarding Low Cost Dental Implants  https://www.newmouth.com/blog/low-cost-dental-implants/ & Dentures https://www.newmouth.com/dentistry/restorative/dentures/

Resource guide about choosing the best mattress to alleviate back pain   https://www.mattressadvisor.com/best-mattresses-back-pain/

How to boost emotional wellness, which impacts every aspect of one's life. https://definingwellness.com/resources/what-is-emotional-wellness/

Articles on emotional health and being your best  https://www.selfdevelopmentsecrets.com/

47+ Best Motivational Quotes Ever to Equip You with the Drive to Succeed    https://www.allhappyquotes.com/best-motivational-quotes/

 This guide details who is looking at social media profiles, social media best practices for professionals, and how to use social media in college.  https://online.maryville.edu/blog/student-guide-to-social-media/

How to build your own workout routine - advice from a two-time Olympian  https://www.jenreviews.com/workout-routines/

Health and beauty tips at Balance Me Beautiful  http://www.balancemebeautiful.com/ 

Healthy and sustainable skin care routine  https://www.cocokind.com/pages/moms-sustainable-skincare

A lung cancer survivor recommends the carers at   https://www.ambrosiatc.com/

Our goal at Drug Dangers is to keep the public educated and informed of all defective medical devices and dangerous medications that are currently available on the market todayhttps://www.drugdangers.com/

ConsumerSafetyGuide.com keeps the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public harm

Independent research and testing for a variety of products.  Their suggestions in   https://www.reviews.com/

Tips for Coping with Covid Stress

A guide to help the Transgender Community understand skin health issues and how to address them correctly   https://thedermreview.com/transgender-skin-care-guide/

Pregnancy article  https://www.thepelvichub.com/ask-the-experts/what-are-the-benefits-of-pregnancy-belly-wraps

Information on how to select best prescription eye glasses for you  https://www.allaboutvision.com/eyeglasses/

Articles about some great ways to combat stress at workhttp://www.positivityblog.com/index.php/2014/03/12/how-to-deal-with-stress/  http://www.ascendantrecruitment.co.uk/blog/tips-for-minimising-stress-in-the-workplace

How to improve your CV with a soft skills section     https://studycorgi.com/blog/how-to-rock-your-cv-with-a-soft-skills-section/

EduMed.org, that helps healthcare students and professionals find ways to achieve better work life balance and avoid burnout  Achieving Work-Life Balance in Healthcare: An Online Guide for Students & Professionals - https://www.edumed.org/resources/achieving-work-life-balance-in-healthcare/
Compassion Fatigue & Healthcare Professionals: An Online Guide - https://www.edumed.org/resources/compassion-fatigue-online-guide/
Mental Health and Wellness for Medical Professionals: An Online Guide - https://www.edumed.org/resources/mental-health/

A guide to help single parents start their own business, including tips on time management, childcare options and funding  https://www.wgu.edu/blog/single-parent-resources-starting-business1908.html

This guide details who is looking at social media profiles, social media best practices for professionals, and how to use social media in college.  https://online.maryville.edu/blog/student-guide-to-social-media/

25 strategies for overcoming common problems that arise when working or studying from home        https://studycorgi.com/blog/being-productive-at-home/

Reduce your stress level, and prevent burnout related to work or school  https://www.thesimpledollar.com/burnout/

Guide to giving presents in business relationships  https://www.thebrobasket.com/business-gift-giving-etiquette/

COVID-19 and Working From Home"  A list of vital points on how to improve your working from home experience  https://bookphysio.com/faq/working-from-home-covid/

A guide for teachers on how to best handle bullying in order to create a safe learning environment for all students   Preventing Bullying in Schools: Teacher Guide

Internet and Online Safety for All Ages    https://praxent.com/blog/internet-and-online-safety-for-all-ages-app-development

These are comprehensive guides on Classroom Management  . https://www.trophycentral.com/classroom-management.html   https://insightstobehavior.com/blog/classroom-management-common-mistakes-avoid/     https://roomtodiscover.com/online-classroom-management/

Healthy diet https://essentialstacks.com/blogs/gut-health/fiber-foods-listhttps:     https://essentialstacks.com/blogs/gut-health/how-much-fiber-per-day-women-vs-men    https://essentialstacks.com/blogs/gut-health/l-glutamine-dosage


This link leads to many other links on specific aspects of depression. Great resource https://www.wristband.com/content/guide-to-depression-awarness 

Mental health podcasts serve patients, students and clinical mental health counselors, interested in learning more about the field  https://www.bestcounselingdegrees.net/resources/mental-health-podcasts/

This guide covers  mental health basics for teens,  lists resources, plus information on symptoms and causes  https://www.goodrx.com/womens-health/mental-health-guide-for-teens

Mental Health Services and Resources providing educational information for helping students navigate through high school and college  https://universityhq.org/resources/students-mental-health/

This article outlines mental health issues which college students are facing, identifying symptoms, and has a list of resources   https://www.perlego.com/knowledge/info/college-mental-health-resources/

In depth information for anyone globally  Diagnosing Depression - Your Guide to Depression & Mental Health in the UK   https://www.insurancewith.com/depression-guide/

Comprehensive Overview of Mental Health Disorders    https://www.cprcertified.com/comprehensive-overview-of-mental-health-disorders

A common mental health problem among students and young adults – post-graduation depression  https://ivypanda.com/blog/what-is-post-graduation-depression-causes-symptoms-methods-of-coping/      https://ivypanda.com/blog/8-practical-tips-to-stop-being-insecure/

Strategies to help college students identify when they or a peer may be suffering from depression and for managing it or where to get help   https://www.degreechoices.com/blog/depression-at-college/

Resource for Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health    Therapy & RPGs: How Tabletop Role-Playing Games Benefit Our Mental Health

Advice on how to stop doubting yourself and raise your self-esteem   https://ivypanda.com/blog/8-practical-tips-to-stop-being-insecure/

Information regarding Borderline Personality Disorder, BPD, the signs and symptoms to be aware of, and the mental health treatment options available   https://www.choosingtherapy.com/borderline-personality-disorder/

Recognizing and Addressing Depression Presenting as Anger”: https://www.onlinemswprograms.com/resources/social-issues/addressing-depression-presenting-as-anger/.

Positive affirmations (statements) can be used to counter negative perceptions and bolster confidence in one's abilities.  A resource of affirmations especially for those dealing with depression https://www.e-counseling.com/depression/positive-affirmations-for-depression/

Black women are more likely to report feeling sad, lonely, and anxious,plus  are less likely to seek mental health support than white women   https://www.bestcolleges.com/blog/black-womens-mental-health/

Tips for a more relaxed, gentle way of navigating the trials and tribulations of life  https://www.fingerprintforsuccess.com/blog/how-to-calm-anxiety

A comprehensive list of resources and information about and/or help for a range of mental health issues  https://socialworklicensemap.com/social-work-resources/mental-health-resources-list/

A platform to provide people across the nation with access and guides regarding mental health and substance abuse resources within their own community   https://www.rehab.com

A new guide highlighting the difference between mental illness and autism.  https://www.arrowpassage.com/mental-illness-vs-autism/

This guide goes into depth and highlights info about eating right for your brain and your body. Food can have a direct impact on mental health  https://online.rider.edu/online-bachelors-degrees/allied-health/understanding-effects-diet-on-mental-health/

Mental Health Resources for Parents guide will be useful for everyoneneed help starting the conversation. In addition the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health is real, I found the info here quite educational.

60% of college students report anxiety as the worst health problem they face. Guide for college on how to deal with anxiety  https://buckeyerecoverynetwork.com/college-anxiety-guide/

“Money & Mental Health - Practical Financial Skills to Manage Money”

Specialized treatment for disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, personality disorders, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder  https://montarebehavioralhealth.com/#

Information on treating anxiety with CBD oil   https://www.drugscience.org/anxiety/ 

36 Potential uses of CBD and CBD oil   https://www.herbonaut.com/cbd-oil-guide/

A guide to Fast Facts and Statistics on  Mental Illness  https://www.arrowpassage.com/mental-illness-facts/

Self-test and article which explains the different types of depression and includes resources https://www.cnvdetox.com/depression-self-test/

Good resources for mental health and well-being:  https://bumblebeelinens.com/blog/embroidery-for-mental-health/     https://www.artshedonline.com.au/blog/is-art-a-medium-to-portray-your-inner-feelings/Art-Shed-Art-Supplies       https://montarebehavioralhealth.com/therapy/holistic/#

Recall Report is an online resource with information on mental health and other health issues. Topics include  addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, depression/anxiety, recovery and rehabilitation.  https://www.recallreport.org/health-information/conditions/

Resources for those facing depression:      https://www.rover.com/blog/service-dogs-depression-anxiety/      http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/stress.aspx   http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/help-information/mental-health-a-z/D/diet/      List by: http://publichealthcorps.org/

Some people are turning to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with the impact of the Coronavirus, including for loneliness  https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/drug-addiction/news/covid-19-substance-use-map/       https://www.southjerseyrecovery.com/friends-family/

COVID-19 is a pandemic disease. This leads to both physical and mental problems.  The mental symptoms are feeling lonely, stressful, increased pressure level, heart rate, missing social movement, and increased anxiety. https://beeboom.co/protect-your-familys-mental-health-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/

Debt problems affecting mental health: This includes recognising the symptoms and early warning signs of mental health problems associated with debt as well as advice on where to turn to for help and support.  https://www.riftrefunds.co.uk/tax-refunds/uk-tax-refund-advice/tax-debt-and-mental-health/

A comprehensive research/evidence based guide on Home Modifications for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder  www.rentdeals.com/blog/best-home-modifications-for-autism-and-sensory-processing-disorder/

How body image affects mental healthincluding eating disorders https://tapestrync.com/treatment/mental-health-treatment/body-image/

For Teens: Am I Depressed or is It Just a Phase?    Surviving Your Child’s Suicide: Finding Peace After Tragedy  Seasonal Affective Disorder

Internal and external stressors can lead to serious mental health issues, including suicidal ideation  for LGBTQ+ young adults   https://www.legacyhealing.com/lgbtq-young-adults/

Resources and links for mental health and depression  5 Signs of Common Mental Health Conditions   6 Things to Know About Child Depression  How to Help Your Depressed Teenager    Coping with Depression at Work   10 Ways Employers Can Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Detailed resource with valuable information on mental health support, co-occurring disorders, and treatment options  https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/

Depression in Teens: The Warning Signs and How to Help Them Through    How Can I Get Help for Depression  The Isolating Loneliness of Chronic Pain & Invisible Illness   The Guide to Managing PTSD As A Tradesman

Recovery from depression       https://pulsetms.com/resources/what-is-tms/.https://pulsetms.com/resources/what-is-tms/.

How to Get out of Depression – a Guide to Psychotherapy  https://www.marcusneo.com/how-to-get-out-of-depression/

Links to articles about mental illness, including understanding it and supporting a family member through it. Supporting a Family Member with Serious Mental Illness   What Many People Don’t Get About Mental Illness The Role of Religion in Mental Health   Talking to Others About Your Mental Illness  7 Ways to Deal with People Who Don’t Understand Depression  Addiction as a Disease: Understanding the Disease Model       http://ushealthcorps.org/ 

Mental health Foundation  Dedicated to finding and addressing the sources of mental health problems. www.mentalhealth.org.uk

Beyond Blue  Excellent online help and advice for those facing depression and anxiety. Has separate sections for men, women, kids, seniors, etc.  https://www.beyondblue.org.au/

The silence — that’s the worst part of mental illness. These articles are helpful. 10 Forgotten Truths to Help You Get Through Hard Times   Time To Talk: Tips For Talking About Your Mental Health  When returning from military duty Here’s What You Need to Know About Reintegration   http://spiritfinder.org/   

Practical info on mental health resources for the US Hispanic population. Spanish:    https://www.helpadvisor.com/conditions/salud-mental-de-los-hispanos     English:   https://www.helpadvisor.com/conditions/latino-mental-health

How to give support to help first responders  and emergency personnel deal with  their own trauma https://counseling.northwestern.edu/blog/first-responders-suicide-help/

Nutrition Education in Recovery from Anorexia   Using a Meal Plan in Recovery From Anorexia  Tapestry Recovery Center

New guide on college and nursing students’ mental health   including support and resources for students.



AddictionResource.com, who raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay
drug-free (https://addictionresource.com/), and the American Society of Addiction Medicine, who also promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment  http://www .asam.org/     jackie.m@education-email.org

This new guide details how Good Samaritan laws can significantly reduce overdose issues and save the lives of people everywhere   https://stagesrecoverycenters.com/good-samaritan-laws/

Understanding Screen Addiction and Responsible Digital Use       https://www.comparethemarket.com/broadband/content/screen-usage-guide/

Alcohol Addiction Guide:  https://alcoholaddictioncenter.org/

Alcohol Rehab Help is an informational web guide created for people struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD) and co-occurring mental health disordershttps://alcoholrehabhelp.org/     Another helpful resource    https://alcoholrehabhelp.org/treatment/

This resource details the effects that drugs and drug-addicted parents can have on children.  https://www.toprehabs.com/drug-effects-on-children/

Free helpline called “Addiction Helper” staffed by qualified counsellors and recovered addicts      https://www.addictionhelper.com 

Drug Rehab USA created a free rehab directory that uses location technology to display addiction treatment near you.  https://drugrehabus.org/

Over 100,000 healthcare professionals struggle with substance abuse or addiction every day.  Substance Abuse Help for Healthcare Students and Professionals   https://www.edumed.org/resources/substance-abuse-online-help-guide/

Crucial to understand each of the four stages of alcoholism and the long-term health risks  https://www.addictionresource.net/alcohol/four-stages-alcoholism/       Resources and support for those who are struggling with alcoholism    https://www.addictionresource.net/alcohol/stop-drinking/

It is important for those battling addiction or in recovery have answers regarding sleep problems     https://www.bestmattressreviews.com/addiction-and-sleep/   BestMattressReviews.com   https://mattresshelp.org/addiction-sleep

Effective chronic pain relief treatments which include holistic therapies, to curb the opioid epidemic  https://www.amhealth.com/curb-the-opioid-pidemic/

Addiction Resource for Parents and our How to Build a Sober Support Network Guide  https://www.bluecrestrc.com/addiction-resources-for-parents/     https://www.bluecrestrc.com/how-to-build-a-sober-support-network/

How parents can  be aware of warning signs which indicate the need for teen treatment at a rehab facility  https://www.northernillinoisrecovery.com/when-to-seek-treatment-for-your-teen/ 

A web site which provides up-to-date, accurate, and evidence-based information related to addiction, substance abuse, mental health, and treatment  https://www.addictionresource.net/how-we-choose/  https://www.addictionresource.net/

Guides to in’s and out’s of substance abuse which can help addicts to heal over time. In South Carolina  https://owlsnestrecovery.com     https://addiction-treatment-services.com/blog/    https://northjerseyrecovery.com/resources/     https://northjerseyrehabs.com/

Addiction Group is dedicated to help individuals suffering from substance abuse and prevent new cases. Medical professionals review every fact-based piece of content published to our site. https://www.addictiongroup.org/alcohol/addiction/causes/https://www.addictiongroup.org/alcohol/addiction/types-of-alcoholics/

Additional addiction support / recovery support resources   https://www.addictiongroup.org/blog/how-to-sober-up     https://www.addictiongroup.org/resources/faq/daughters-of-alcoholic-mothers/

Information on individual drugs and their effects https://www.detoxlocal.com/resources/periodic-table-drug-addiction/   https://www.opiates.net/resources/

How Addiction and Substance Abuse Affect Sleep: A Guide to Sleep Health During Recovery   https://purple.com/blog/sleep-health-during-recovery-guide

Resource  guide for those pregnant or postpartum with addiction issues  alcohol-and-drug-rehab-for-pregnant-postpartum-women/

Understanding Common Drugs of Abuse is a comprehensive guide that covers nearly all addictions: https://www.bluffsrehab.com/drugs/     The Bluffs

A guide with multiple resources that an individual and family members can consider when seeking substance abuse treatment   https://neaddictions.com/substance-abuse-treatment-what-to-know/

Emotional Wellness helps those finding it difficult to accept and manage their emotions and also to understand the differences between social drinking and binge drinking.

Important Information on Methamphetamine, which is the second most popular illicit drug in the world   https://www.addictiongroup.org/blog/meth-in-your-system/   https://www.addictiongroup.org/drugs/illegal/crystal-meth/sores/

Supporting both individuals and the families of those suffering from addiction  https://www.addictionhelper.com/

Addiction Group is dedicated to help individuals suffering from substance abuse and prevent new cases through credible information and spreading awareness to many  https://www.addictiongroup.org/resources/faq/sud/

Resource where individuals and families struggling with addiction can find helpful tips and support  https://delphihealthgroup.com/

A resource for individuals who are struggling with substance use disorder.  https://startyourrecovery.org/

An article on the effect of illegal drug use on the heart   https://www.acls.net/effects-of-drugs

A guide to help people get information on DNA tests and addictionhttps://knowyourdna.com/guides/can-a-dna-test-predict-addiction/

Mission is to help people or their family members with addiction issues,  get their lives back on track with information and resources    https://rehabinfo.com/

Resources and information to help struggling individuals & families get their lives back on track    https://alcoholrehabhelp.org/addiction/mental-health/depression/

These drug prevention programs target children and young adults (ages 10 to 19) as they go through major life transitions   https://www.addictiongroup.org/treatment/therapies/drug-prevention-programs/

Alcohol Rehab Help is an informational web guide created for people struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD) and co-occurring mental health disordershttps://alcoholrehabhelp.org/

A guide to help those with addictions deal with sleep issues,  without turning to habit-forming meds  https://www.sleephelp.org/addiction-and-sleep/

Different types of alcoholics require different addiction treatments. This resource also has information on drug addiction  https://www.chapelhilldetox.com/resources/   https://www.chapelhilldetox.com/     https://www.intrepidrecovery.com/resources/  https://addictionintervention.com/blog/

This guide compares the financing options that can make addiction treatment more affordable, the factors that determine program costs, h  ow to pay for care including insurance options, and how to rebuild credit after treatment  https://www.thesimpledollar.com/financial-wellness/how-to-pay-for-addiction-treatment/

Articles and resources helping those facing addiction  https://www.northernillinoisrecovery.com/blog/

Our addiction treatment programs include medical detox, medication-assisted treatment, primary residential treatment, extended care, sober living, and intensive outpatient counseling. Also treats opioid addiction. https://www.graniterecoverycenters.com/      https://www.graniterecoverycenters.com/about-granite-recovery-centers/12-steps-recovery-video-series

We combine the 12-Steps with Intense Process Therapy to lead our patients to a path that ensures life-long recovery and a drug free life style at Addiction Rehab Centers  https://www.addictionrehabcenters.com/

A Resource Hub to help people understand mental health, substance abuse, recovery, and additional topics    https://rrtampa.com/

Detox/Treatment/ Recovery resources     . https://magnoliacitydetox.com/ & https://firstcityrecoverycenter.com/ & https://orlandotreatmentsolutions.com/

These are in-depth guides on addiction and recovery   https://focusedaddictionrecovery.com/,  https://www.jaywalkerlodge.com/ & https://www.legendsrecovery.com       https://www.monstervapelabs.co.uk/,  https://mpowerwellness.com/ &  https://idahorecoverycenter.com/.

Each facility at Ark Behavioral Health. is centered around individualized patient care with an emphasis on long-term recovery to empower those with sense of purpose and joy  https://www.arkbh.com/

Addiction Group helps individuals suffering from substance abuse and prevent new cases through fact-based credible information written by journalists or medical professionals  AddictionGroup.org

With vaping, a pod can contain as much nicotine as a whole pack of cigarettes. Online resource regarding nicotine addiction  https://www.vapedanger.com/health-risks/nicotine-addiction/

A comprehensive guide on how addiction affects the trans community, its dangers, and how to find proper programs for them to get the help they need    https://www.sunshinebehavioralhealth.com/resources/transgender-community/

Guide to low cost or free rehab options    https://delphihealthgroup.com/free-rehab-guide/

A resource explaining factors that determine program costs for addiction, how to pay for care including insurance options, and how to rebuild credit after treatment  

rehabcenter.net  is an organization dedicated to connecting people seeking addiction treatment to the resources they need to succeed.   http://www.rehabcenter.net/  

Addiction truly is a family disease. Rehab Spot is here to help family members of those struggling with substance abuse  www.Rehabspot.com/FamilyHelp for families and individuals struggling with an addiction to opioids    https://www.opioidtreatment.net

No-cost addiction treatment placement service, matching people with the most suitable/affordable treatment options: The rehab for men and rehab for women  https://www.eliterehabplacement.com/rehab-/    For teens: https://www.eliterehabplacement.com/substance-abuse/       eliterehabplacement.com/substance-abuse/treatment/dual-diagnosis/

Drugrehab.org,  is an informational site with resources for people suffering from addiction and for their loved ones.

Information how addiction affects, mind, body & life.  Resources for those with addictions  and for their families   https://coastaldetox.com/resources/

A visual guide that explains the impact of excessive drink on public safety, including the financial cost, physical injuries and  fatalities. Public Health Surveillance and Alcohol-Related Injuries

Help for first responders struggling with addiction    https://www.addictionresource.net/addiction-among-first-responders/,

Drug overdose deaths have more than tripled since 1990.  Addiction Group is dedicated to help individuals suffering from substance abuse and prevent new cases https://www.addictiongroup.org/rehab/substances/alcohol/

Free UK Helpline, resources and support for those with addictions  https://www.ukat.co.uk/

Treatment options for pregnant women struggling with addiction  https://www.treatment-centers.net/find-pregnant-women-treatment.html   https://www.treatment-centers.net/

Addiction Group has extensive resources which let people know:that they are not alone and mental health is a shared experience      https://www.addictiongroup.org/addiction/what-is-alcoholic/

ETA Recovery Services  Help through  private rehab clinics, alcohol and drug addiction charities, call back line,support groups, professional counselling organisations, and the NHS https://www.eata.org.uk/

Detox and Rehabs is an organization connecting people who are seeking treatment to the resources they need,  including a library of educational articles on addiction, recovery, and detoxification  https://www.detoxrehabs.net

At Drug Rehab Network House we believe that each individual is unique. Program also includes fitness and music classes for recovering from addiction   drugtreatmentnetwork.com

A site that helps people find resources for recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol  https://www.detox.com/

Organization providing treatment and informational resources for those with substance abuse in Ohio area https://www.bluffsrehab.com/treatment-programs/pregnant-women/ https://www.bluffsrehab.com/prevent-teen-using-drugs/ https://www.bluffsrehab.com/

Resources for recovery from addiction  https://achievewellnessrecovery.com/   https://www.chaptersrecoverycenter.com/

A leading UK rehab clinic’s website is a resource for alcohol rehab treatment  https://cassioburycourt.com/who-we-help/alcohol-addiction/alcohol-rehab/

Resources and treatments available for someone struggling with substance abuse and how they can find long-term solutions   https://harmonyplace.com/blog/

How to safely use CBD products as a viable aid in addiction recovery  https://www.cbdoil.org/cbd-oil-for-addiction-recovery/   https://www.cbdoil.org/cbd-dosage-guide/   https://www.cbdoil.org/cbd-laws-by-state/

This guide explains the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab, plus how to choose the perfect inpatient treatment center  when appropriate    https://alcoholrehabhelp.org/treatment/inpatient-rehabilitation/

Detox and Residential services for men and women suffering from substance use disorder   https://detox-nashville.com       Detox services for the community of Memphis Tennessee   https://detoxwesttennessee.com    Stand alone medical detox center. https://brentwoodspringsdetox.com

Abbycare  helps people to  detox physically and chemically, addresses the underlying psychological issues of the addiction, plus provides aftercare support. https://www.abbeycarefoundation.com/alcohol-rehab/

Recovery Village, an organization dedicated to helping individuals struggling with substance abuse into recovery.  Alcohol Abuse and Addiction (https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/alcohol-abuse/   https://www.floridarehab.com/resources/ptsd/     https://www.floridarehab.com/resources/friends-and-family/    https://www.floridarehab.com/resources/first-responders/

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center in Massachusetts  is a Drug Rehab that provides guidance and treatment for individuals and family members who struggle with addiction  https://neaddictions.com/

Alcohol Rehab Guide is an organization dedicated to providing extensive and reliable information on the various aspects of alcohol abuse and addiction   https://www.alcoholrehabguide.org

Website that connects addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives together  https://www.pinnaclepeakrecovery.com/drug-alcohol-addiction-support-groups/

Connects people seeking treatment to the resources they need.    https://www.alcoholtreatment.net/suicidal-thoughts-and-alcohol-abuse-tackling-both-problems-head-on/     https://www.alcoholtreatment.net

Those who are diagnosed with PTSD face significantly higher rates of substance addiction.  This guide discusses inpatient treatment  https://www.addictiongroup.org/treatment/options/inpatient/

Debt problems affecting mental health: This includes recognising the symptoms and early warning signs of mental health problems associated with debt as well as advice on where to turn to for help and support.  https://www.riftrefunds.co.uk/tax-refunds/uk-tax-refund-advice/tax-debt-and-mental-health/

 Addiction Resource  connects those fighting addiction with rehab centers and treatment  addictionresource.com       Alco Rehab is passionate about ending alcohol abuse around the world. https://alcorehab.org/

Addiction Network is a comprehensive drug rehab directory. This company helps people with drug and alcohol abuse that best fits their unique situation and unique lifestyle. https://www.addictionnetwork.com/  

Addiction Guide is a reliable source on addiction and the dangers of illicit substances. Our mission is to guide people and their loved ones to a healthier life  Addiction Guide

Educational websites founded by a recovering addict, an addict’s spouse, and a board-certified addiction doctor.  https://www.addictionguide.com/

Support groups for all types of addictions allow people to join together with others who share similar experiences, backgrounds, and struggles  www.pinnaclepeakrecovery.com/drug-alcohol-addiction-support-groups/

Information on how to prepare to enter treatment,  what to look for in a rehab center and the cost   https://www.addictiongroup.org/treatment/options/inpatient/

When a loved one is abusing drugs, what steps to take next and how to plan an intervention  A Better Today's Finding Help for a Loved One https://abtrs.com/for-a-loved-one

Recent research findings, statistics, and videos on depression and addiction  https://irishealing.com/depression-and-addiction/

 Recovery Champions helps individuals get personalized addiction treatment through evidence-based practices, trauma counseling, and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders  https://recoveringchampions.com/

Women's only rehab treatment center   https://www.newdirectionsforwomen.org/resources/   

A guide for those seeking recovery for themselves or their loved ones   https://alcoholrehabhelp.org/resources/helping-alcoholics/

At Ohio Recovery Centerwe provide support and stability for patients undergoing detox and withdrawal, with a smooth transition into residential care

In Portland, Casco Bay Recovery offers experienced, client-centered treatment for individuals seeking freedom from alcohol and substance use disorders  https://cascobayrecovery.com/

Emotional & behavioral healing by treating each one with addiction,wholly through empowerment, connection, & evidence-based therapies    https://telstoneiop.com/https://www.tuluahealth.com/

Mississippi has 107.5 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people.  Resource to raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse and where to get help. https://www.addictioncampuses.com/mississippi/

A guide which explains what Fentanyl is and its dangers  https://lagunashoresrecovery.com/drugs/fentanyl/

Addiction Center provides valuable information about substance dependency, helps connect individuals struggling with addiction to treatment options and aims to expand the resources available on the web for people globally www.AddictionCenter.com

Whether or not to leave a spouse with an addiction   http://anyl .addictioncampuses.com/resources/addiction-campuses-blog/should-you-leave-an-addicted-spouse/    www.addictioncampuses.com

How to Help Yourself and Your Baby When You Discover You’re Pregnant: A Guide for Addicts    Single Father’s Guide to Addiction Recovery   How to talk to your kids about addiction   Infidelity   Addiction and Infidelity: Understanding and Finding Ways to Heal After an Addicted Partner is Unfaithful

Bedrock Recovery Center provides tailored treatment plans in a culturally humble and gender responsive environment, and evidence-based treatments for addiction, trauma, and co-occurring disorders  https://bedrockrecoverycenter.com/

Outpatient/inpatient /detox programs in Los Angeles    https://www.westwindrecovery.com/

Addiction treatment for patients and support for their families in Missouri   https://sanalake.com/resources-for-everyone/#recovery-support

Primrose Lodge does outreach and has a residential rehabilitation program for addictions. Helpful resources and blogs   https://www.primroselodge.com/

Addiction resources   https://lunarecovery.com/ & https://www.westwindrecovery.com/.

Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center - https://sanalakebwc.com
Drug and Alcohol Detox in West Virginia - https://harmonyridgerecovery.com
Drug and Alcohol Treatment in New Jersey - https://www.discoverynj.org

Help, support and various treatments for alcohol and drug addictions in Washington state  https://freebythesea.com/addiction-treatments/

Helping individuals and families in New Jersey recover from drug and alcohol addiction   https://www.discoverynj.org/

A compiled a list of the best detox, alcohol, and drug rehab centers in Massachusetts. Here’s the list: https://www.addictionresource.net/best-drug-rehab-centers/massachusetts/

Substance abuse treatment in Tennessee at Graceland Recovery    https://gracelandrecovery.com/tennessee-rehab-resources/

The LGBTQIA Friendly Rehab Centers Near You is a website connecting people to the addiction resources they need   https://www.alltreatment.com/lgbtqia-friendly-alcohol-and-drug-rehab-centers/ 

Substance abuse treatment in New Jersey   https://kingswayrecovery.com/substance-abuse-treatment/

Addiction treatment in Phoenix    https://www.phoenixrisingrecovery.com/      

Tulip Hill Recovery is a long-term rehab located in Tennessee https://tuliphillrecovery.com

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in New Jersey - https://www.discoverynj.org/
Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Saint Louis - https://sanalakebwc.com/
Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Pennsylvania - https://littlecreekrecovery.org/
Addiction Treatment Facility in Florida - https://miraclesrc.com/
Addiction Treatment Orlando Florida - https://orlandotreatmentsolutions.com/

Drug and alcohol treatment in New Hampshire  https://livefreerecoverynh.com/

These rehabilitation and drug addiction treatment  offer  support and guidance for individuals seeking recovery.

Agape Treatment Center   Drug and Alcohol Detox in Port St. Lucie, FL DRUG REHAB & ALCOHOL DETOX CENTER IN CLOVIS

Principles Recovery Center


"Coronavirus Prevention Tips: 5 Things you Must Know about COVID-19"  https://livetechspot.com/coronavirus-5-things-you-must-know-covid-19/

Drug Dangers  keeps the public educated and informed of all defective medical devices and dangerous medications that are currently available on the market today DrugDangers.com

A guide with must-know statistics on allergies, how to determine reactivity to an allergen, and at-home tips to get some much-needed relief.  Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S  https://www.everlywell.com/blog/indoor-outdoor-allergies/worst-cities-for-allergies/

Learn about symptoms and causes of mesothelioma, along with important resources for finding doctors and treatment centers atMesothelioma.net (linked to https://mesothelioma.net/pleural-mesothelioma/)

Comprehensive mesothelioma cancer information, and helping asbestos victims recover money for medical treatment and other expenses https://www.mesotheliomalawyercenter.org/mesothelioma-lawyer/

Help those affected by mesothelioma with compassion and care   MesotheliomaHelpNow.com

Helping  those with  mesothelioma and their loved ones, find support and what options are available to them  https://www.pleuralmesothelioma.com/cancer/support/

Mesothelioma.com has been a leading source of mesothelioma information and resources for patients and their families since 1996       https://www.mesothelioma.com/

49 need-to-know statistics including lung cancer causes, risk factors, early detection, survival rates, and more   https://www.asbestos.com/cancer/lung-cancer/statistics/

Lung cancer is now the most common form of cancer in the world  www.lungcancercenter.com/

Leading online resource for those with asbestos-related diseases  Asbestos.net  https://mesothelioma.net/mesothelioma-asbestos-dangers-smoking  helped lung cancer survivor Virgil Anderson  https://www.treatmesothelioma.org/mesothelioma/

This resource explains asbestos and many other topics regarding this disease https://www.sokolovelaw.com/asbestos/

How doctors treat mesothelioma  https://www.mesotheliomahub.com/treatment/

Help for finding the right lawyer https://www.mesotheliomalawyercenter.org/mesothelioma-lawyer/

Finding the right healthcare facility, doctor or health insurance   https://www.healthsoul.com/


Legal Resources for Special Needs    Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive   Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home  Financial Planning for Special Needs

How to Exercise if You Have Limited Mobility   Healthy Eating Advice for Wheelchair-bound People   How to Remodel for Accessibility    Developing Your Blind Child’s Sleep Schedule    Explaining special needs to your child: 15 great children’s books

Special Needs Trusts Guide  Finding Accessible Housing     What to Look for in Accessible Rentals

Simple Home Modifications for Kids with Special Needs

Making Special Education Work for Your Child During COVID

Resources helpful to families with special needs   Accessible home checklist        Grants for Families of Special Needs Kids       Adaptive Technology for Cars   

Information and advice for students with special needs as they pursue a college degree  Homework Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities Understanding ADHD Accommodations for College Students     Study Tips for College Students with ADHD     Study Tips for College Students with Dyscalculia

The benefits of vocational training, choosing the right program for special needs students' goals, needs, and scholarships   https://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/blog/students-disabilities-support

A list of STEM resources for kids with special needs  which offers a range of options and approaches for parents and educators alike   https://www.bitira.com/crypto-stem-for-kids-with-special-needs/

A guide for accessible home improvements which increase safety, mobility, and independence for people with special needs  https://www.texasrealestatesource.com/blog/complete-home-accessibility-guide/

Resource for those who need an accommodation in their living space & how to submit an official request to their landlord    https://ipropertymanagement.com/templates/housing-accommodation-disability-request-letter

A resource with home hacks to improve each room in a Highly Sensitive person’s (HSP’s) home https://www.apartmentguide.com/blog/highly-sensitive-person-survival-guide/#infographic

Helpful information and tips on how to modify your backyard to accommodate children with special needs  https://bbqwork.com/backyard-modification/

Resource that covers accommodations for special needs, housing live-in caregivers, best service dog breeds, and home technology to increase accessibility   https://porch.com/advice/all-about-accessibility-remodeling-and-retrofits#remodeled

A  guide with sleep-related topics for people with physical disabilities which is packed with facts, figures, and advice   https://www.thesnoozle.com/pages/physical-disabilities-sleep-guide

Vocational Training for Adults with Special Needs    Transition to Adulthood: Home Remodeling for Young Adults with Special Needs   Managing Your Child’s Transition to Adulthood   Tenants Rights and Housing Assistance for the Disabled    Special Needs Checklist: How Disability-Friendly is Your City?    Helpful website by and for parents with special needs offspring   wondermoms.org

Best Schools for Students with a Learning Disability   https://www.ireviews.com/best-schools-for-students-with-a-learning-disability/

Colleges/universities/online  learning opportunities for those with special needs    https://best-universities.net/resources/online-college-learning-for-students-with-disabilities/

A GUIDE TO SMART HOME TECH FOR THE DISABLED AND ELDERLY"  with handy gadgets and modifications to the home to make life easier  https://www.thereviewsinsider.com/guide-to-smart-home-tech-for-the-disabled-and-elderly/

Resource on emotional support animal laws for renters and dealing  with stubborn landlords  https://www.turbotenant.com/blog/emotional-support-animal-laws/

Resource on driving safely with dogs (including ESAs) with tips for those who drive frequently with an animal, to keep everyone riding safe https://www.carrentals.com/blog/car-safety-for-dogs/

A fully accessible guide with tips and tricks to make flying with a disability an easier, more enjoyable process   https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/fully-accessible-guide-flying-people-disabilities/

About 40% of adults with disabilities report having sleep deprivation. This guide addresses problems and helps people get better sleep  https://www.mattressclarity.com/blog/sleep-disabilities-everything-should-know/

A research guide on the Best Schools for Students with a Learning Disability    https://www.ireviews.com/best-schools-for-students-with-a-learning-disability/


Assisted Living helps  those who are disabled and the elderly fully enjoy their healthy years and age gracefully and publishes comprehensive web-based resources  https://www.aboutassistedliving.org   https://www.aboutassistedliving.org/how-can-i-pay-for-assisted-living

The Birth Injury Justice Center is dedicated to supporting anyone who has been affected by birth injuries, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, and other developmental disabilities   https://www.childbirthinjuries.com/birth-injury/   https://www.childbirthinjuries.com/cerebral-palsy/   

An informative resource   guide titled "Navigating Learning Disabilities and The Cost for Treatment  https://www.thesimpledollar.com/navigating-learning-disabilities-and-the-cost-for-treatment

A financial planning guide for parents with special needs children which includes applying for federal benefits, starting a trust, and investing in a life insurance policy   https://hellobestow.com/blog/financial-planning-for-special-needs-child/

Home modifications for the visually impaired or blind   https://blog.hireahelper.com/home-modifications-visually-impaired-blind/

Fun activities for the blind: a list of board games  https://crossword-solver.io/low-vision-board-games/

A method for teachers who work with students with autism  or other developmental disabilities to use evidence-based practices to better achieve their educational objectives  https://www.accel.org/blog/model-classroom-program-for-special-education/

Finding and renting apartments for people with disabilities, including  disability rights  to negotiating with landlords and the move https://www.thezebra.com/renting-with-disabilities/

The guide advises people with disabilities on what to look for in a trade school, common challenges they may face,  and where to find additional resources    https://primeweld.com/blogs/news/disability-guide-to-trade-school

An overview article on how modern assistive technologies can help students with learning disabilities in the educational process  https://studycorgi.com/blog/assistive-technology-for-learning-disabilities/

Assistive Technology makes cars accessible for people with disabilities  article on assistive technology


A guide on how people can help charities remotely, like work-from-home but as a volunteer .  https://www.ireviews.com/remote-volunteer-opportunities/

Practical tips and advice to protect personal information and business data against cyberattacks, including actions to take if you’ve been a victim of cybercrime and where to seek help   https://online.york.ac.uk/resources/introduction-to-cyber-security-data-protection/

21 Alarming Cybercrime statistics  https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/alarming-cybercrime-statistics

Security and your phone - what are the risks and how to stay safe    https://www.cellphonedeal.com/blog/security-and-your-phone-what-are-the-risks-and-how-to-stay-safe

A resource to those who value their privacy, specifically those looking for information on VPNs (that isn’t disguised advertising)  https://www.thatoneprivacysite.net/

A tutorial on how a Virtual Private Network (VPN) works to help protect your online privacy https://thebestvpn.com/what-is-vpn-beginners-guide/

Virtual private networks (VPN)  protect you from hackers, malware, and your messages from being intercepted online  https://www.wizcase.com/blog/what-is-a-vpn-a-beginners-guide/      https://www.wizcase.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/What-Is-A-VPN-Infographic.jpg

This covers the main stages of a research process, how to determine and citing sources, plus helpful online tools  https://ivypanda.com/blog/how-to-research-ultimate-guide/

How Music Can Help You Study which discusses the pros and cons of studying with music   https://ivypanda.com/blog/how-music-can-help-you-study/

A new resource about scholarly articles and principles of using them    https://studycorgi.com/blog/using-scholarly-articles-as-sources-a-how-to-guide/

Interesting statistics and facts about gender inequality in esports;    https://gamblingngo.com/guides/female-gamers-in-esports/ 

How to Secure Your Digital Life 2021  https://ischoolonline.berkeley.edu/blog/how-to-secure-your-digital-life-in-2021/

Benefits Of Having A Dog  https://fluentwoof.com/benefits-of-having-a-dog/

Practical tips for snoozing with a pet, and for sleep training a new pet   https://sleepopolis.com/education/pet-sleep-guide/

A guide with a specific list of anti-bullying resources for college students  https://assignmentbro.com/blog/bullying-prevention-resources

Free writing assistant software which provides grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks   https://grammarchecker.net/

30 Google search tips and tricks, including Google Scholar search  https://studycorgi.com/blog/google-search-tips-tricks-for-students/

Blood alcohol levels explained in this guide.  https://alcoholaddictioncenter.org/resources/bac-calculator/

This online BAC calculator is good for estimating your BAC level, but your actual BAC will vary depending on a host of different factors   https://sr22insurancenow.com/bac-calculator/

This calculator gives a rough idea of your bloods alcohol concentration https://ratesforinsurance.com/guides/bac-calculator/   

A handy moving calculator to help people calculate what it will cost to move to a new city https://www.movebuddha.com/moving-cost-calculator/

Preparing for a move: A useful contact notification sheet, a detailed home inventory checklist, and colorful moving labels to make box organization super easy  https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/moving-tips/

Info & history on International Women's Day  https://www.bestcolleges.com/blog/international-womens-day/

Find out a difference between Home Warranty Coverage and the Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Information to break down insurance legal lingo into layman’s terms, plus online comparisons of companies  https://clovered.com/

How to keep safe when handling  household chemicals    https://www.gloves.com/pages/how-to-handle-household-chemicals-safely

A guide  for the “PROS & CONS: RETURN OF PREMIUM LIFE INSURANCE“  https://www.insuranceproaz.com/return-of-premium-life-insurance

15 Common Questions on Property and Casualty Insurance  https://www.insuranceproaz.com/property-and-casualty-insurance-questions

10 SIMPLE TIPS FOR CHOOSING A COMMERCIAL INSURANCE AGENT  https://www.insuranceproaz.com/how-to-choose-commercial-insurance-agent

Helpful guide which explains what one needs to know about  choosing an auto insurance broker  https://www.insuranceproaz.com/how-to-choose-right-auto-insurance-broker

A guide which provides information for affordable health insurance plans in Ohio https://www.affordablehealthinsurance.com/ohio-health-insurance/

Why You Should Review Your Homeowners Insurance When You Refinance Your Home  https://www.insuranceproaz.com/why-you-should-review-your-homeowners-insurance-when-you-refinance-your-home/

Our goal at Whistleblower Info is to keep the public educated and informed of the many different types of government contractor fraud, medical & healthcare fraud, pharmaceutical and FDA fraud, tax fraud    https://www.whistleblowerinfo.com/

Waste management and textile recycling, Eco-Friendly Guide for Linen Recycling   Benefits of Textile Recycling

How to recycle used dog food pouches    (https://apupabove.com/pages/a-pup-above-terracylce-filling-bellies-not-landfills

Guide which covers must-know homeowner's association rules and how to handle bad neighbors  https://www.lemonade.com/homeowners/explained/homeowners-association-rules/

A resource for finding a person anywhere  https://www.peoplefinders.com

Winter Storm Safety Guide milavetzlaw.com/winter-storm-safety-what-you-need-to-know/


Mental health issues faced by veterans, treatment options, helpful resources and tips on a healthy transition back to civilian life   https://www.singlecare.com/blog/veterans-mental-health-care-guide/

A website that helps low income veterans with finding free grants. These grants help veterans with rent, housing, education, medical bills, and utility bills  http://freegrantsforveterans.org/

A comprehensive list of resources for veterans’ financial security. For Financial Security and Retirementhttps://www.birchgold.com/retirement-and-financial-security-for-veterans    For Healthcare:   https://www.birchgold.com/veterans-benefits-for-financial-security-and-paying-for-healthcare/

An in-depth article detailing our top 7 VA loan tips for military members and spouses https://money.com/va-loan-tips/

A guide specifically for US Veterans who are in the process of starting or currently own a small business   https://digital.com/veterans-business/

Guide to creating a peaceful home to improve mental health for veterans  https://beeboom.co/creating-a-peaceful-home-to-improve-mental-health-for-veterans/

Helpful article on PTSD and issues surrounding it  written by a combat veteran https://silentprofessionals.org/will-ptsd-disqualify-me-from-employment/

Using Cannabis Safely to Help Veterans with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder    https://www.stayhonest.org/guide/using-cannabis-safely-to-help-veterans-with-ptsd-post-traumatic-stress-disorder/

Resources to help veterans struggling with addiction and substance abuse  https://www.denverrecoverycenter.com/help-for-veterans-struggling-with-addiction/

An article which helps veterans who are struggling with addiction when they come home https://www.arrowpassage.com/veteran-substance-abuse/  

The US government and a few private organizations offer grants and aid to help veterans with their home modification projects   https://skilledroofers.com/grants/home-renovation-grants-for-veterans/

A detailed guide which helps active duty military and veterans craft the perfect cover letter and resume to help them successfully transition back into civilian careers   https://www.resumebuilder.com/how-to-write-a-cover-letter/      https://www.resumebuilder.com/military-to-civilian-cover-letter-examples/      https://www.resumebuilder.com/military-to-civilian-resume-examples/  

A guide for veterans on how to write a fantastic resume   https://novoresume.com/career-blog/military-veterans-resume

This guide helps veterans and military service members optimize their resumes   https://resume.io/resume-examples/military

A guide for Veterans. Resource Guide for Military Veteran Contractors discusses the career outlook for skilled tradestransitioning from military to civilian life,     houzz.com/pro-learn/blog/resource-guide-for-military-veteran-contractors

Business credit and loan resources for veterans  https://www.kaplancollectionagency.com/business-advice/veterans-business-credit-resources/

A new resource  for Best Military Discounts From Top Stores  https://savemypenny.com/blog/best-military-discounts-from-top-stores/

A guide on the many different ways discrimination can affect Veterans and what their rights are, as well as their options of defense   https://florinroebig.com/veteran-rights-discrimination/

Information for veterans  with small businesses on networking, mentorship, the Small Business Development Center, etc.  https://onlinemba.montclair.edu/small-business-resources-for-active-duty-service-members-and-veteran-entrepreneurs/

A guide which discusses how veterans can talk to children about their own cancer diagnosis  https://www.mesotheliomaveterans.org/veterans/talking-to-kids-about-cancer/

Mesothelioma (a type of cancer) is caused by exposure to asbestos,  which can be found in many places such as houses, etc.   MesotheliomaVeterans.org  For veterans:   https://www.mesotheliomaveterans.org/

Some studies suggest that 30% of all Americans living with mesothelioma are veterans who were exposed while on active duty  www.mesotheliomavets.com/

This guide has steps needed to start a business, things to look out for, and has several helpful links for veterans thinking about starting one  ttps://www.planergy.com/blog/veteran-starting-a-business/

Legal Resource for veterans dealing with debilitating illness or injury post-combat, and facing challenges when they return home   https://www.legalfinders.com/disabled-veterans-guide/

A guide with information where veterans can get small businesses loans https://www.bluevine.com/small-business-loans-for-veterans/

Job and Career Network Resources for our Veterans


A How-To Guide: Using a Relocation Calculator


VA Mortgage Loan Document Checklist


VA Home Loan Calculator


Moving Companies Offering Military Discounts


What Documents Do I Need to Sell My House?


Family Services and Resources Near You


Military Buddy Finder | VetFriends.com


Military Discounts Offered by Stores, Services and Online Sites


Discounts for Veterans through Verizon


7 Medicare Facts Every Veteran Should Know


Mental Health Resources for our Veterans Families


A Guide for Veterans on Creating a Peaceful At-Home Atmosphere After Returning Home


Articles, and resources  to increase understanding and awareness of mental health disorders, substance abuse along with many other issues affecting veterans  https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/resources/veterans/

Medicare resource for veterans  https://www.medicareplans.com/va-military-and-medicare-benefits-resource/

If you’re a veteran wondering whether to refinance your home mortgage, review these resources to help guide this decision  Key Steps to Refinancing Your Home Mortgage   Mortgage Lenders and Refinancing Companies: Top Reviews   Home Appraisals: Home Appraiser, Property Value & Tips   Steps to Take to Improve Your Credit Score     Mortgage Assistance Programs for Veterans   What is a VA Loan?   VA Home Loans: A Guide For America’s Veterans   Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan

Best Military Discounts From Top Stores  https://savemypenny.com/blog/best-military-discounts-from-top-stores/

After decades of investigations, new laws allow Camp Lejeune water contamination victims to take action    https://www.camplejeuneclaimscenter.com/       samndan.com/camp-lejeune-water-contamination/

Mattress providers that are offering military/veteran discounts and tips on getting good quality sleep   https://www.mybestmattress.com/mattress-military-discount


Helping elderly parents with finances: best way to start the conversation, assessing their portfolio, and assisting them with financial decisions   https://www.bankrate.com/investing/how-to-help-elderly-parents-with-investments/

U.S. government estimates financial scams of telemarketers take more than $40B each year and 80% of these people are seniors         https://recordsfinder.com/guides/senior-financial-scams/

A guide to help protect our elderly loved ones from online scammers  https://www.ireviews.com/online-scams/

A comprehensive guide which covers the types of insomnia to specific medications that treat sleep problems  https://www.aplaceformom.com/resources/senior-insomnia-guide/

Simple exercises for seniors (or anyone) to maintain health and an active lifestyle  https://www.medicalalertadvice.com/resources/simple-exercises-for-seniors/ From Amber

Aging and Sleep. Sleep tips for older adults  https://casper.com/blog/aging-and-sleep/ 

Resources for services designed to enhance the quality of life for seniors and help them retain their independence     https://www.meleshconstructiondallas.com/senior-resources

Researchers in Scotland found that older people who use e-bikes can cycle longer, and as a result, they have an increased sense of independence  https://flyridesusa.com/pages/ebike-tips-for-seniors

A Guide To Maintaining Sexuality After Menopause   https://www.intimaterose.com/blogs/womens-health/sexuality-after-menopause

How to access free/low-cost adult diapers  https://www.parentgiving.com/elder-care/free-or-lowcost-disposable-adult-diapers/

Online recreation document with activities and entertainment for the seniors to do on their own,   including exercise programs, brain boosters and puzzles    https://choicemutual.com/seniors-guide-physical-mental-fitness/

In addition to a list of games which seniors might enjoy, this resource also includes an infographic about the benefits of games for seniors   https://word.tips/beneficial-videogames-seniors/

Many changes take place in our eyes as we get older. Common conditions due to age include, presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration. Vision Center is an informational web guide https://www.visioncenter.org/conditions/glaucoma/ 

Healthy sex life for seniors    https://www.intimaterose.com/pages/guide-to-a-healthy-sex-life-after-60

The article gives a rundown on the various types of computer viruses and malware, as well as what do to protect yourself. Resources are provided  https://router-admin.net/articles/computer-virus-resource-guide

Home Safety  For Seniors: A guide on how to prevent falls   https://www.turbotenant.com/blog/home-afety-for-seniors/

An informative resource on Senior Safety:  https://infotracer.com/infocenter/safety-for-elderly-ultimate-guide/

Tips for caregivers of the elderly  https://www.aplaceformom.com/caregiver-resources/articles/home-safety-tips

Resource on the importance of ensuring older adults are provided have support while using the bathroom  https://www.upflushtoilet.com/pages/bathroom-safety-tips-for-caregivers

100Plus.com, a resource dedicated to providing the best information to aging adults and the people who care for them  https://www.100plus.com/the-ultimate-remote-patient-monitoring-guide#best-practices-for-taking-at-home-blood-pressure-readings

"What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage

A helpful guide which is about the Importance of Medicare Star Ratings 

This helpful guide  gives useful information in “MEDICARE FOR DUMMIES”  https://www.medicareinsuranceaz.com/medicare-for-dummies/

An article which explains how medicare can pay for walk in tubs  walkintubsguide.net/medicare-pay-for-walk-in-tub/      walkintubsguide.net/who-needs-a-walk-in-tubs/

This helpful guide is about " Cigna Medicare Plans: Formerly known as Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare

Medicare Preventive Services Checklist https://www.medicareinsuranceaz.com/medicare-preventive-services/

Resource  providing comprehensive information on topics like financial support, care options, and how to  maintain their independence and quality of life.  https://www.caring.com/senior-living/assisted-livinga

Guide to help retirement-aged individuals navigate their student loan debt repayment options.  https://www.elfi.com/top-10-ways-to-pay-off-student-loans-faster/

Tips on Estate Planning and what to avoid   https://drizinlaw.com/blog/common-estate-planning-mistakes-to-avoid/

Tips and advice on issues associated with accessibility bathrooms for the elderly and those with disabilities https://www.mrrooter.ca/about/blog/2020/september/helpful-bathroom-accessories-and-remodel-ideas-f/

Guide for caregiving tips and  resources to find a good caregiver in your area of US https://www.homehealthcareagencies.com/resources/caregiving-tips/

Guide on Seniors And Addiction   A Guide To Understanding And Helping Seniors Overcome Substance Use Disorders

National Council on Seniors Drug & Alcohol Rehab  Help for seniors with addiction  https://rehabnet.com/

This guide for seniors on European river cruise goes over routes, what to expect, and how to choose the best cruise line depending on budget, amenities, and excursions included    https://etias.com/articles/senior-river-cruises

Grandfolk provides guidance on senior lifestyle, products, and services  https://grandfolk.com/

Help which is available  for the elderly and their families regarding the cost of long term care and the programs that can provide financial support throughout the US  https://www.payingforseniorcare.com/longtermcare/paying-for-assisted-living.html  

Resource that can help seniors and their families know the different assisted living options in your area  https://www.medicalalert.org/best-medical-alert-systems/     https://www.medicalalert.org/

A Guide to share a helpful information for seniors and individuals with mobility disabilities and how to make their homes more accessible   https://generalcontractorlicenseguide.com/guide-to-home-renovations-and-modifications-for-people-with-mobility-disabilities/

National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), estimates 1 in 10 Americans aged 60+ have experienced some form of elder abuse. Online resource educating the public on the risks of senior abuse  Nursinghomeabusecenter.com/nursing-home-abuse/   NursingHomeAbuse.org

Living arrangement options explained for seniors and those with disabilities   https://www.assistedliving.org/assisted-living-options-for-people-with-disabilities    www.assistedliving.org

Working out your pelvic floor is the key to treating issues like incontinence. This guide covers how to do the exercises, holistic breathing and following the "pelvic floor diet." https://www.hellorory.com/roar/pelvic-floor-exercises/

Living arrangement options explained for seniors and those with disabilities   https://www.assistedliving.org/assisted-living-options-for-people-with-disabilities    www.assistedliving.org



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