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Skin cancer

People sometimes put off having moles and freckles checked, because they think that they are too young for skin cancer.  If you have a lot of freckles, having an all over body exam,  by a dermatologist is a good idea to establish a baseline. Two years ago, some very dear friends lost their son to melanoma.  He was out in the sun a lot,  playing golf and other sports and didn’t wear any sun screen.

Here is a guide to determine if you should see a dematologist for skin cancer. This is an easy way to remember what deadly moles look like. ABCDE.
Asymmetry.  Is the mole perfectly round (normal), or a different shape?
Border.  Are the edges sharp (normal), or more blurred?
Color.  Is the mole one color ( normal), or a variety of black, brown or red?
Diameter. Is the mole under 6mm (normal) or over that size?
Expert.  If your mole/s fall in these second categories, then see an expert (dermatologist).
This is the guide that nurses use, and I want to add, if your mole is bleeding, also have it checked.  Sometimes a cancerous mole may stick up more (such as on the scalp) and you notice it that way. An acquaintance started feeling a small bump on her scalp when she was doing her hair.  This sun-loving woman had the bump checked out and it turned out to be cancerous (she was in her early 30’s at the time). Scalps can get sunburned too, so wear a hat in the intense sun.

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