Single again and ready to mingle

Single and Wanting to Meet People?

Whether one has been divorced, taken a sabbatical from dating, or recently arrived from the International Space Station, there are ways to get back into dating after a hiatus. It may seem easier today to find a special someone in the age of online matchmaking. Personal introductions seem almost old fashioned. Look around your immediate environment for potential relationships. I worked in a large university hospital and many happy unions were between doctors and nurses along with other staff. There are lawyer couples with long-term marriages too. Be careful of boss/employee relationships, where one person holds most of the power.

Where else to look? Join a group or cause which you feel passionate about to encounter like-minded people. Several people I know became friends with another in their charity. They were not trying to impress anyone and felt comfortable with these pals who eventually became their spouses. These groups may be political, religious, save the environment, animal rescue or whatever floats your boat. One divorced friend’s Anglican Church has an active singles group with a variety of social activities, such as movie nights, pot-luck suppers and more. She has met some great people at these gatherings. is global and has a plethora of special interest groups. This is a wonderful way to make friends which may lead to something more romantic. Groups include hiking, dining, going to the theater, volunteering and so forth.

Go to festivals and community events where people interact with each other. I met my former fiancé at our local Greek festival. It was such a lively atmosphere which made conversation easy. Bars can be tricky. If your locale has pubs where people of various ages go for a sense of community and camaraderie this may be an option to meet someone respectable. Some bars are more of a pick up joint for one night stands – so use your discretion.

Online dating sites are another method of meeting people. Before joining one, consider making a list of what values and characteristics you are seeking in a potential date. Then write down your own ethics and unique qualities that you possess. There ought to be similarities on both lists. You want to meet someone who shares important core values and traits. If you are a party girl, dating a hermit may not be a good match. When you write your profile for a dating site, include some of what is on your list about who you are. Have a friend read your profile and check out your photo to give honest feedback before submitting them. You want to be clear about what type of person whom you want to date.

There are matchmaking companies who screen, interview, and personally select a potential partner. This is especially useful for people in high powered careers who have more money than time to spend looking for a mate. Dating candidates are carefully vetted for background, interests, ethics and other qualities. The staff bring people together for a price, rather than someone sifting through dating profiles online and contacting potential dates themselves.

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