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starting over post-divorce with new opportunities

Starting Over Post-Divorce

Divorce provides the opportunity to reinvent yourself. This could be a new career path or change in scenery as in a move across country. It is how one looks at divorce as either the world stops – or gently nudges a person into trying new endeavours. Reframe the negativity into something positive. An example is several stay-at-home-mums reframed losing a leisurely life style with divorce, into having a fulfilled life with never a dull moment. They got jobs, met a new circle of people and expanded their social lives. These woman are fun to be around with their interesting lives. Some dads are full of funny stories with their recent pursuits of coaching or mentoring. It is all about how you look at things post-divorce.

What helped several people post-divorce up was starting over in a new locale. One high powered business woman without children, moved to a different city and got a job. She was totally out of her familiar environment both socially and professionally. This ecstatically happy person said to let others in divorce situations know about considering a move with finding different employment. Another way to start over is by taking a vacation. Another woman was devastated after her break up and took a road trip from her home in Toronto to the Wild West. She stopped in a city for what was supposed to be a week and has been there eighteen years. She became an American citizen and enjoys her teaching job.

Others start over in less drastic ways. A second job in an area of interest catapulted several people into new careers. One divorced Canadian women followed her love of knitting and got a part-time job in a knitting shop. Now she owns it and has the pleasure of connecting with other enthusiasts as an instructor. I know other divorced people who renewed their love of writing into careers. Discover your passions – whether or not that morphs into an occupation. One animal loving friend opened an animal sanctuary post-divorce for horses and farm animals. The bonus for her kids is that her ex is the manager.

Being in a toxic marriage or acrimonious divorce is draining. There is not enough time or energy to give back to others. Volunteering with a cat rescue group post-divorce gives meaning to my life. Taking care of appreciative cats and fun-loving kittens weekly, takes the focus off any problems that I am facing. They are homeless and I am not. Other divorce pals volunteer at soup kitchens, through their churches’ outreach programs and so forth, and also have a sense of fulfilment.

Starting over after divorce forces one to become more independent with relying on themselves.    Please read more….