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Travel Tips

IMG_1562  It’s better to start packing for your next trip right after you get back, rather than waiting to do so right before  your next one. If you need a new travel size deodorant or toothpaste, get them right away and pack in your carry-on.  Wash your make up brushes upon return and when dry, pack them in your cosmetic bag.  This way, if you have a family emergency, you’re good to go.  I keep small containers on hand, so I can fill them up quickly.  Save money, by recycling clean small containers, that used to contain your eye cream or lip balm.  I also stash samples and the small cosmetic freebies from magazines, in one place and take them along on journeys.  Airport security allows the blunt tip baby nail scissors to be taken in a carry-on bag.  They are great for cutting open samples or foil pouches of facial creams.  I also cut  off the bottom of tubes, to get every last bit of ointment or cream, while on the road.
I have a bin where my holey underwear and socks go, plus any clothes that have a few more wearings.  Then I can throw away or leave the clothes enroute, to make room for new purchases.  I went to Egypt with one small, carry-on suitcase and managed to have room for a lot of souvenirs and gifts.  When I leave clothes behind, I put a note on top of them in the hotel, that I am done wit them.
I keep an extra comb, travel tooth brush and disposible razor in my carry-on bag, so don’t have to remember to pack these before a trip.
You may want to have a space in your closet for a nightgown and several travel dresses or outfits.  Yes, I’m wearing a lot of the same clothes in travel pics, bit I haven’t forgotten anything and literally pack in 10 minutes.

Go to the public library to get free magazines before your trips. There is a shelf in my
library where people can exchange magazines. I stock up on used paperbacks at the library’s
semi-annual book sale fundraisers. Then I can leave books on my trips and have room for
buying gifts.  My older son goes to a used bookstore and stocks up on books.

I buy some Manga ( his current favorite) books for my younger son and save them for trips.
He is happy to do extra chores for these books and has something new to read on long haul
adventures. Curious George is great for the younger set,  particularly if you are going somewhere with cheeky monkeys.

Bon voyage!

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