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Is Brexit Causing Couples to Get Divorced?

The decision to leave the EU seems a lifetime ago but there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding what will actually happen when we do eventually leave the EU. There are concerns over specific laws, taxes, travel and our power as a nation but has anyone stopped to consider the fact that it can actually cause relationship problems? Well in fact, it is already.

Despite politics being a high priority for many, it can often run much deeper than that. Your political beliefs are your own and should remain that way but many couples are allowing their differences to come between them and this is where the Brexit decision has cause problems.

More and more Brits can now relate to the fact that political beliefs are driving a wedge between them and their partners. A new survey from the relationship charity Relate has found that 20% of relationship support counsellors have dealt with clients who have argued over Brexit.

However, this is not the first time that Brexit has cause problems for couples because even before the decision was made to leave the EU, the stress of the Brexit was weighing heavy on the shoulders of couples, leaving many close to divorce. In some cases, it has gone beyond coming close because many couples are splitting up simply up simply because one voted differently to the other. Essentially, one voted to remain and the other voted to leave and that is where the problem lies.

There is also a level of uncertainty because many Europeans who are living in Britain are unsure about whether they will still be allowed to live here once the wheels begin turning and Britain move away from the EU. What’s more is that they may not even want to remain here and that in itself is another problem.

This is a problem that many people did not envisage, particularly as the main focus of the vote and the decision was surrounding the politics of it all and the impact.

When couples begin to argue over Brexit and who they should and shouldn’t vote for along with topical debates, it can drag up underlying problems that may have been eating away at couples. This highlights the fact that they do not share the same values. Values are extremely important to us as individuals and when partners disagree with them, it can feel like a form of betrayal and can then become a concern.

The decision to leave EU is causing high levels of anxiety when it comes to what the future may hold. The decision has only added to a fire that may have been burning for some time and this only exacerbates any problems that couples are already facing.

For many, it feels like their partner does not listen to them or simply does not value their opinion and that is why Brexit has had a bigger and more wider impact than many people realised.

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