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Global Guide to Divorce
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Resources during Divorce

Your spouse suddenly walked out and now you are in shock. Where do you turn when you are about to lose your mind? You see the future as bleak and you require assistance in navigating your way around the divorce circus. Family can be very supportive. However, they may have to process their own feelings first before coming to your aid. Family may have mixed emotions, knowing you are in trouble, yet having long-term loving feelings towards your spouse.

Here are  places to turn when you need support:

1. Call United Way. They know what services and non-profit organizations are in your area. I was in a panic when I called and they gave me several good leads, in a calm manner. One was a particularly helpful women’s class at our community college.

2. Find a “Women in Transition” class which runs once a week for approximately six to eight weeks. They are taught at community colleges and elsewhere across the country. Speakers are brought in to discuss such topics as finance, mental or physical well-being, and moving on through a life transition. They give practical advice as how to bump up your credit score or strategies on calming yourself in court.

3. Check out There are specific divorce and single parenting groups, plus so many more like hiking, movies, and crafts. Go to the web site and put in your city and interests. I am in a national women’s transition group through My divorced pal goes hiking with them every week and to occasional movies. One can have support, camaraderie and try new activities. Snowshoeing anyone?

Divorce angst: 8 places to turn when you need support @WendiSchuller